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Kanga has officially become one of the first exchanges to integrate Polygon!

Kanga has officially become one of the first exchanges to integrate Polygon!

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Good things are happening – we are battling high transfer fees in the Ethereum network. One way in which this is done is by connecting our exchange to the Polygon network (formerly known as Matic Network).

What is Polygon? Polygon is a solution designed to connect Ethereum-compatible blockchain networks. The platform is fully compatible with the main Ethereum network, allowing you to send tokens and use smart contracts for a small fee. Aave, SushiSwap, and MakerDAO are a few protocols based on Polygon.

What does this mean for you? First of all, our users will be able to benefit from extremely low fees on Polygon Network. The native currency of the Polygon chain (Matic) has recently recorded sensational growth. The holders of the Matic token (ERC-20 Ethereum and native Polygon) will be able to easily exchange between these two on the Matic/pMatic market on Kanga. Additionally, this kind of combination will facilitate arbitrage between the Ethereum network and Polygon. It will be a great profit opportunity for traders who know how to use it.

Polygon tokens will be listed on Kanga with the “p” prefix – pMATIC, pSPCY, and so on. 

3 May 2021 – opened deposits for pMatic / Matic ERC-20. 
5 May 2021 – new market pairs Matic/pMatic and pMatic/ETH markets opened. This is the first market-based bridge between Ethereum and Polygon. 
10 May 2021 – we will launch pMatic withdrawals and open pSPCY/SPCY (Sapiency.io) and pSPCY/ETH markets.

In addition we are giving an liquidity to our KNG exchange token on SushiSwap (link)

We will be listing the most promising projects from Polygon on our exchange soon. In case of any questions send us a message: [email protected]

We will inform you about upcoming events on our social media.