Stationary cryptocurrency exchange office

Kantor Kanga Exchange. Your own cryptocurrency exchange office. Exchanging cryptocurrencies in a stationary exchange office has never been easier! Join almost 100 partnering Kanga exchange offices. Running your own stationary exchange office? Willing to extend the offer with the cryptocurrency exchange option? There is no simpler way – contact us and we will take you through the whole process!

How to launch a stationary exchange office? It is very simple


You only need a device with Internet access; we will provide you will the full software for free!


You will find all information your accountant needs in the system we provide you with.


We operate legally, our business model was approved by the National Financial Supervision Authority (KNF).


The exchange system has been developed by us in a way to make it easy and intuitive. However, we do offer training for your workers.

Technical support

Answering questions from clients? Securing transactions? All of it lies with us!


We are working hard to give you best prices possible. Your success is our success!

How do you profit? From commissions on buying and selling cryptocurrencies. The levels of commision depend on you and you can control them freely! How do we profit? We charge 1% commission on each transaction made in your exchange office. For our trusted partners we offer a low-cost crediting, thanks to which they do not need to freeze any resources for handling transactions. You do not have a stationary exchange office but would like to have your own cryptocurrency exchange office?

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