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Statement on the allegations of the UOKiK

Statement on the allegations of the UOKiK

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Dear All,

it comes as no surprise to us that UOKiK has developed an interest in Kanga Exchange platform, which is significantly representing the Polish cryptocurrency thought. For several months we have been witnessing aggressive actions of state authorities effectively hindering legal operations of cryptocurrency entrepreneurs in Poland. In our view, the cryptocurrency ostracism evident in the media and institutions is only resulting in strengthening of the position of criminals dealing in cryptocurrencies.

We strongly disagree with the allegations made by the President of UOKiK which, as we understand, will be the subject of further investigation.

We are surprised that, according to the President of UOKiK, identifying Kanga as the Polish cryptocurrency exchange is against consumers’ interest in a situation where the platform interface, customer support, social media profiles and all other areas of communication with the users are available mainly in Polish. What is more, we see potential hazard in referring users to other platforms, such as the recently collapsed FTX.

We also express concern that the Polish entrepreneurs’ and consumers’ interest is not being adequately protected, the Polish banks illegally terminating account management agreements with clients engaged in cryptocurrencies, to name one example. So the question arises: has the President of UOKiK already taken measures to stop this practice?

Ultimately, we believe that the President of UOKiK has overstepped his rank. We perceive it as acting not only against Kanga, but also against all cryptocurrency initiatives in Poland. In view of the above, we will strive to clarify the UOKiK actions, which will end up in court. Please also note that the proceedings conducted by UOKiK do not interfere with Kanga Exchange operating activities in any way.