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Staking has been changed! 

Staking has been changed! 

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Staking has the distinction of being a relatively safe and attractive form of passive accumulation of funds. We know how much that penny to penny can make a difference. That’s why we have prepared a real treat for you….

Staking from scratch!

If you are interested in cryptocurrencies, you are probably very familiar with the tool called staking. For people who are just beginning their adventure with it, we have prepared an article explaining the technical details. The main advantage of staking is, regular passive income independent of the market situation.

But, after all, so far we have been talking about our old staking. It’s time to think about something fresher! 

Special Staking on Kanga – the details

This is a special offer that will last only for a few days, specifically from 28.10 to 11.11. Sign-ups are open now, but hurry, because the list of places is limited. You can stake from 1 to 100 KNG tokens with a substantial interest rate of 55% per year. The entire staking will last 14 days.

Don’t wait a moment longer! Reserve your spot today and make your tokens work for you. An opportunity with such a good interest rate may not be repeated for a long time!

Come visit Kanga Exchange and discover the full potential of your cyber assets!