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Sportzchain IEO on Kanga Exchange

Sportzchain IEO on Kanga Exchange

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SPORTZCHAIN ​​was founded with the belief that fans deserve the fundamental right to be heard by their favorite sports teams and to influence some of their team’s decisions. The creators believe that decentralization is the key to engaging fans in the teams. SPORTZCHAIN ​​focuses on creating a digital world for fans where they are not only involved in the life of their favorite team, but can also earn money by being part of the team.

Mission, vision and philosophy behind the project

  • Mission:

The mission is to change the multi-billion dollar industry of engaging sports fans by implementing a multi-directional strategy of creating, sharing value and building a sustainable business, benefiting all $SPN holders: fans, teams, employees, advisers.

  • Vision:

The vision is to create a virtual world for sports fans that would eliminate the current obstacles for fans and bring them closer to the teams they support and create a relationship where fans and teams can contribute to the common good. The native $SPN token will be the core of this world and the entire ecosystem.

  • Philosophy:

The project is guided by values ​​such as: honesty, transparency; credibility and dedication. The supporter is the most important part of the ecosystem, and building trust is more important than telling a story.

 Problems faced by Sportzchain and their solutions


– Passive engagement: Mostly one-way communication between the sports team and the fans.

– Too much noise: Fan involved or not – anyone can express their opinion on an existing platform, creating noise so teams are not able to listen to every fan.

– Limited Power: Sport is a fan industry, but fans have very limited influence on decisions.


– Fan Management: To create a platform for sports teams to provide comprehensive engagement activities to eliminate fan passivity and turn it into commitment, as well as create a fan base.

– Power to fans: Give billions of fans the chance to get a vote at their favorite clubs. A digital world where the voice and opinions of fans aren’t ignored.

– Rewards: Create sports tokens that fans can benefit from while becoming part of their favorite sports teams.

First Engage-2-Earn platform for fans

The ecosystem will encourage fans to participate in the digital world of SPORTZCHAIN, where they will be able to influence the teams as well as act as shareholders. However, for $SPN holders, the entire sports ecosystem opens up, providing a great opportunity, which is not only related to fan tokens, but also to:

  • NFTs
    Social tokens / Phygital NFT with personalities from the world of sports.
  • Fan Experience Zones
    Fan clubs and exclusive experience centers with access to exclusive content
  • DeFi i DAO
    Staking program for partnered & nonpartnered Fan Tokens. DAO for fan owned club
    Play-to-Earn, Move-to-Earn, P2P and Fantasy League games will be launched
  • Official Sports Tokens
    Partnered team sports tokens and Phygital NFTs will be launched across sports categories

Power to fans

Sports teams will gain a platform on which they will be able to build a very strong community for their team. Fans with the appropriate number of tokens of a given team will be able to take part in various votes regarding the team, which may significantly affect its development and further future.

Teams will be able to create binding and non-binding votes that will act as separate smart contracts on the blockchain. Voting will take place on a decentralized blockchain, thanks to which it will be protected against the influence of third parties.

How will binding and non-binding votes work?

  • Binding: These are votes that ultimately have to be approved by teams before being implemented.
  • Non-binding: These are votes that do not necessarily have to be approved by the teams.

The SPN token as the heart of the platform

The $SPN will act as the engine of this digital world, allowing fans to access VIP perks, games, contests, content, etc. – anything that can be found on the platform. As $SPN is the heart of the platform, the developers believe they will provide token holders with high rewards in the short, medium and long term.

Some facts about the $SPN token:

  • $SPN will be required to buy fan tokens for the respective teams. The more partnerships, the greater the demand for $SPN.
  • Every week there will be a lottery where the winner will be able to receive up to 80% of the prize pool.
  • A program for staking $SPN with APY of up to 30%.
  • $SPN will be needed by teams to organize various types of contests.
  • 20% of the platform’s revenue will be spent on buying and burning tokens to reduce the supply.

Official Sports Tokens

Fan tokens are a way for clubs (Sports and eSports) to empower their fans by giving them a direct opportunity to vote and influence the team’s future.

Sportzchain will set up its own exchange where fans will be able to buy, sell and exchange their sports tokens. All teams that are project partners will have their fan tokens released in a finite number and will have specific functions. Fans with the right amount of tokens will have access to a digital world in which they will be able to engage in the lives of the teams. Sportzchain also wants to reward fans who will contribute actively.

Teams will be able to set the base value of their tokens, which will be available for purchase in the first place for fans with access to the first-come-first-serve program. Then the tokens will be placed on Sportzchain exchange where other users will be able to purchase tokens.


Price per token [$]: 0.0024 USDC

Min Investment: $50

Max Investment: $5,000

Vesting: 50% of the purchased tokens will be credited to the buyer’s account at the time of finalizing the transaction. The remainder will be released in equal installments over the next 90 days.

Currency pair: SPN / USDT

Cryptocurrencies available – USDC, USDT

Token type – ERC20 on Polygon

Mainnet – Polygon

IEO Date – 08/09, at 11:00 UTC to 09/09 21:59 UTC

Author: Piotr Szopa