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Prepaid Card vs. ZEN Card: what are the differences?

Prepaid Card vs. ZEN Card: what are the differences?

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In this article, we will compare the features and uses of the ZEN Card and the prepaid card to better understand the differences between them.

ZEN Card

The ZEN Mastercard is a type of debit card linked to a multi-currency account. You can choose between a virtual or physical card option. The virtual card can be used for online payments and subscriptions, while the physical card can be used for traditional in-store purchases or ATM withdrawals.

  • Adding funds to your ZEN account is easy and secure, with the option to choose from global and local methods such as Mastercard and VISA cards, Apple Pay, Google Pay, bank transfers, and cash deposits.
  • You can charge your multi-currency account with up to 28 currencies supported by ZEN. If you need to top up with a currency not supported, ZEN will exchange it to EUR at the interbank rate.
  • The ZEN Card can also be used to purchase Omega PLN through the GoCash website.

How to Top Up Your ZEN Card?

  • Select the charge option in the ZEN.COM app.
  • Enter the amount you want to top up your account with.
  • Choose the appropriate method and complete the transaction.

More information: https://www.zen.com/

Prepaid Card

The prepaid card, issued by Mastercard, functions like a virtual gift card. It can be charge by sending USDT, where the exchange rate is 1:1 – one USDT equals one dollar on the card, with no additional fees.

  • You can add the prepaid card to your phone’s wallet on both Android and iOS systems, making payments even more convenient.
  • The card ordering process is quick and intuitive, and after card activation, users can track their balance and transactions through the provided link.

If you want to learn how to order your prepaid card, we encourage you to read the article where we describe step by step how to do it: https://kanga.exchange/prepaid-card-freedom-and-security