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New listing - MahaDAO!

New listing - MahaDAO!

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This week we welcome MahaDAO on Kanga.Exchange. 

Our Polygon listings are getting more interesting and there is more choice every week, we hope you like it. 

MahaDAO is a Decentralized Autonomous Organisation that is creating a new kind of money that maintains it’s buying power irrespective of which direction the market moves in. This is a new kind of the stablecoin, called Valuecoin. Rather than being pegged to USD it aims to be a stable store of value even if the value of the USD collapses. 

ARTH is pegged against a Global Measurement Unit consisting of a well-diversified, anti-correlated, carefully curated basket of assets to provide ARTH users a lasting stability of intrinsic value. ARTH is one of the first currencies that will not only protect people’s wealth but will also promote social good.

During those uncertain times, when the brightest minds question the position of US Dollar as a reserve currency and turbulences in the global economy MahaDAO is creating an asset that sole goal is to protect the purchasing power of it’s holders. With enough adoption, the potential of MAHA and ARTH is huge and can save lives!

Kanga is listing the governance token of the MahaDAO called MAHA – it empowers the token holders to vote on savings rates, stability fees, direction, strategy and future course of action for the ARTH coin. The MAHA tokens help keep the ARTH coin completely decentralized. By buying MAHA you become the shareholder of what might become a new generation of the International Monetary Fund. 

Yesterday MahaDAO have released their second product – ARTH Loans on Polygon. ARTH Loans is a 0% interest-free loan platform to secure loans in $ARTH valuecoin 😳 Find our more here: https://arthcoin.com/

MahaDAO is a relatively new project with a smallcap but with huge potential. It has expanded recently from Ethereum to Polygon and plans to become multichain. It’s being traded on multiple exchanges, but not yet on Binance… 😉

Listing details:

– We are listing a polygon-based token with the symbol “pMAHA” (contract address: 0xedd6ca8a4202d4a36611e2fff109648c4863ae19)

– pMAHA deposits are open from today. 

– We are opening a pair pMAHA/pMATIC

– Trading starts on Friday (20.08.21) 12:00 GMT


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