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New IEO on Kanga - MetaDOS!

New IEO on Kanga - MetaDOS!

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We are very happy to host an exclusive private sale of MetaDOS – a gaming project that received a grant from the Avalanche Foundation.

About the project

Founded in late 2021 and having more than 30 members, MetaDOS is a top game studio in Vietnam focusing on Esport game development on Web3. MetaDOS aims to become the next generation of Esport by offering an innovative Free to Play Battle Royale game combined with blockchain technology to satisfy both traditional and blockchain gamers.

MetaDOS takes the battle royale gaming genre into the next era, incorporating the concept of time-as-currency. Engage in rapid-fire, high-stakes battles where the ticking clock takes center stage. In this combat arena, you take on the role of legendary characters (referred to as The Players), each possessing potent abilities. Join forces with your teammates to outfight and outlast others in a skill-intensive Tournament, striving to be the last individual or trio left standing.

Shooting games and blockchain

Twelve years ago, MetaDOS introduced the first mobile shooter game to the market under the name Captain Strike. Just 2 months after its release, it reached its first million users. The inspiration for creating this game was Counter Strike, to bring the thrilling team-deathmatch experience to mobile devices. Captain Strike was a huge success, and players still express regret over the lack of the game and appeal for its restoration.

Five years later, in 2017, MetaDOS unveiled Bullet Strike – one of the world’s first mobile battle royale games, long before the emergence of Free Fire or PUBG Mobile. The alpha version of the game garnered significant interest, reaching nearly 10,000 active players simultaneously, and the game itself was featured on many news portals. Unfortunately, as independent developers, they lacked financial and technological support from industry giants such as Garena or Tencent. Therefore, despite the initial enthusiasm, they decided to change the gameplay model to a more casual one to compete in the market.

A better Web3 gaming experience

Embeded video

MetaDOS, utilizing its new blockchain network, DOS Chain (Avalanche subnet), along with proven mechanisms, aims to address the key issues present in web3 games:

1. The problem of token inflation and the NFT economy.

2. The negative impact of the implementation process on players, especially those utilizing web2 platforms.

3. Low-quality gameplay and lack of fun elements, leading players to engage solely for profit motives.

Token information

  • Symbols: SECOND
  • Total Supply: 10,000,000,000
  • Token price: $0.0008
  • Currency: USDT
  • Allocation: $50k
  • Vesting Schedule: 5% TGE, 2 months cliff, rest over 10 months daily linear

Token utility

The main currency in the MetaDOS universe serves as both the primary form of payment and the on-chain token.


  • DAO and sub-DAO votes/platform governance
  • Voting on player-created content

Get On:

  • Top leaderboard end of the season
  • Pro Tournaments and Custom Tournaments

Spend On:

  • Purchase exclusive items on the Time Shop
  • Craft the Cosmetics into NFTs (Mint in-app purchase items into NFTs)
  • Open Exclusive Time Boxes
  • Custom Tournaments

MetaDOS Private Sale schedule

  • 10 AM UTC –  First round for KNG stakers (must opt-in by bidding on chosen allocation package, up to 10 KNG should be enough to win the auction)
  • 11 AM UTC – The second round (FCSC) is open for all but please remember that the allocation is very limited and offered on a first-come, first-served basis.

Link to the sale: https://trade.kanga.exchange/launchpad/SECOND

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