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New IEO on Kanga: Catamoto!

New IEO on Kanga: Catamoto!

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Zuzanna Krychowiak

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We have secured an exclusive allocation in Catamoto for the KNG token hodlers. Catamoto is a community memecoin project on BNB Chain backed up by Tenset and Bluezilla. The native token, CATA, is designed to change the rules of memecoins with the most advanced smart contract (10 smart contracts managing liquidity 24/7). On Tuesday, April 16th, 2024, the IEO will take place on Kanga Exchange!

About the project

CATAMOTO is a community memecoin project on BNB Chain. The native token, CATA, changes the rules of memecoins with the most advanced smart contract (10 smart contracts managing liquidity) and the world’s first experimental fair launch.

CATAMOTO is in possession of a very sophisticated and fully audited smart contract that will empower the long-term economy of the native token. CATAMOTO will be listed on DEX – Pancakeswap, where every single transaction (SWAP) will charge a 1% fee. This fee will be split into two transactions: 0.5% will go into automatic refuelling of liquidity, and 0.5% will go as a buyback fee for 10SET tokens. All these transactions will be stimulated by market players and potentially almost 20,000 BNB tokens! Yes, you heard that right. 10 separate smart contracts with about 2,000 BNB tokens each will be managed by a special smart contract, which will BUY/SELL(SWAP/SWAP) 24/7 CATAMOTO TOKENS and generate billions of volume and push the size of the liquidity! Initially, these wallets will just be funded with BNB from the presale, so buying of CATAMOTO will be the main task. Later, functionality will be added to incorporate buying and selling tokens to boost volume and subsequently the liquidity.

  • Catamoto is the 1st memecoin brought to market, with official backing and support from Tenset and BlueZilla.
  • Catamoto opens up new opportunities to two web3 incubator communities, giving it exclusive exposure to nearly 1M users.
  • Catamoto commits to 19.8k BNB in buybacks through a new tokenomics model.
  • Catamoto’s token starts at just 11.7M FDV.

Token utility

  • 100% of raised funds go towards liquidity and buyback wallets.
  • 10 smart contracts will receive up to 2000 BNB each from presale, and use it for swapping CATAMOTO on PancakeSwap to boost volume and increase liquidity.
  • Over time this will lead to a massive liquidity pool on PancakeSwap due to the 1% swap tax on trading.
  • Permanent liquidity pool lock.
  • 0% team tokens.
  • 100% TGE. All tokens circulating from the beginning.

IEO date: Tuesday, April 16th 2024

09 AM UTC – exclusive round for KNG stakers (must opt-in by choosing an allocation package and taking part in an auction placing a bid in KNG tokens)

10 AM UTC – FCSC round (highly unlikely)

  • Ticker: CATA
  • Round: public
  • Token Price: $0.000587
  • Allocation: $15,000
  • IMC : $11.7M
  • Vesting: 100% TGE

Link to the sale: https://trade.kanga.exchange/starter/CATA

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