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New IEO on Kanga - Bounty Temple!

New IEO on Kanga - Bounty Temple!

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We’re happy to announce the latest IEO secured for Kanga Exchange users: gaming project Bounty Temple.

Bounty Temple is the first P2E-Evolution (Play-To-Earn-Evolution) GameFi project by Orasis Studio, which plans to launch 100 P2EE games with $TYT as the governance token! Bounty Temple is not a typical GameFi project – it’s a revolution in the world of Play To Earn. The project team has created a model that solves the key problems of current P2E platforms such utility token rewards dipping or NFT prices becoming valueless due to oversupply and decreasing utility token the need for players to make a long-term commitment to achieve satisfactory results due to unsustainable tokenomics. For this purpose Stable Utility Token $GIA was created, used as a reward for players in the ecosystem, with similar algorithms to stablecoin – supply control or a fixed value of $0.10 token. The goal of the project was to build a better, more resilient environment for the GameFi industry and a game that is highly immersive and inviting for players.


The vision of Bounty Temple is to revolutionize the GameFi industry through a visionary model called Play-to-Earn Evolution (P2EE), striving to improve balance in P2E games and building a healthy ecosystem where players can earn while enjoying the game.


1. Bounty Temple employs advanced algorithms to optimize and regulate its economy, which is a key element of the P2EE model. Players are encouraged to participate and engage in the ecosystem by the opportunity to earn assets whose value remains stable over time.

2. Creating a fun and easy-to-master game that allows players to earn even in just 15 minutes a day, enjoying their time spent playing.

3. Establishing a centralized and automated ecosystem of experts to eliminate difficulties and risks associated with interactions, allowing stakeholders to enjoy the benefits.

Main features

  • Stable utility token at $0.10 regardless of market conditions (Rewards to player).
  • Bear-proof Algorithm (controls supply, mint-rate with a unique deposit mechanism).
  • Revenue > incentive (Microtransaction).
  • 75 Days mint-rate protection (for newly crafted NFT).
  • Automated Scholarship features (Easy to manage).
  • Guild system (New managers).
  • Easy, fun & dramatic gameplay (100 P2EE games).
  • Cross-game items trading available.
  • Easy onboarding system (Wallet creation).
  • The best royalty rewards (Trait-Rewards).

The project is supported by well-known market players such as Kommunitas, Tencent Cloud, Spores, Polygon, YGGSEA, Certik and many more!

Token Information

  • Symbol: TYT
  • Total Supply:  48,000,000
  • Token price: $1
  • Chain: Polygon
  • Vesting terms: 15% at the time of TGE, 17% per month for a 5 month period

Token Utility

The TYT Tokens are intended to function as the Project‟s governance token. Amongst others, TYT tokens are necessary to craft BTM NFTs in order to play the game in the first place. Further- more, TYT Tokens may be staked in order to compound the players rewards. Additionally, when the Project‟s governance is introduced, the TYT tokens will put users / players in the position to vote on the future developments of the Project.

Bounty Temple public round on Kanga

  • 10AM UTC –  First round for KNG stakers (must opt-in by bidding on chosen allocation package)
  • 11AM UTC – Second round (FCSC) open for all

Link to the sale: https://trade.kanga.exchange/launchpad/TYT

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