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New IEO on Kanga - Aether Games!

New IEO on Kanga - Aether Games!

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We’re thrilled to unveil the latest IEO secured for Kanga Exchange users: a VIP private round of exciting project from the gaming industry: Aether Games. 

Aether Games is a pioneering transmedia studio focused on creating an immersive gaming and entertainment franchise for both Web2 and Web3 audiences. Its vision is to build out an interconnected ecosystem of games which allow players to use their gaming assets across multiple titles in the Aether universe. This element of game design has simply not been possible in traditional gaming and will be key to unlocking a whole new realm of experiences.

By seamlessly combining blockchain-enabled features, Aether Games is not only enhancing the gaming experience, but is also empowering players in a way that is also inclusive of traditional gamers. This approach ensures that Aether is accessible and enjoyable for a wide range of players.

Aether Games: A Multi-Platform Universe

What makes Aether Games truly stand out is its commitment to creating experiences that spans various forms of media. Alongside a rich gaming ecosystem, Aether is also developing a cinematic series which aims to captivate audiences across multiple platforms and merge multiple experiences into a unified realm. By taking this innovative approach, Aether Games is able to immerse audiences in a deeper way whilst drawing more players to its games, resulting in an interconnected and diverse entertainment experience.

The Aether realm so far consists of:

  • Aether: Trading Card Game – The beta version is currently live on Epic Games.
  • Aether Saga – To enhance the universe and deepen player engagement, Aether Games is working on an interactive short story series which allows players to uncover the secrets of the world of Aether.

Set in a dark fantasy universe, Aether: Trading Card Game (TCG) is a captivating collectible card game that showcases stunning visuals and cinematic artwork. Players engage in strategic battles using a mix of Adventurers, Creatures and Cards, which each have their own unique mechanics. Leveraging the expansive array of stats and abilities, players can customize their decks and cards to fit their individual playstyles. Aether’s TCG combines the element of card collecting with deck building to allow players to engage in real-time online battles to earn valuable in-game rewards.

Utilizing Web3 features, Aether’s TCG greatly enhances the collectible card game genre by using NFTs to represent in-game assets, granting players true ownership in a genre where ownership is crucial. By unlocking this feature, players can then freely trade these assets in a player-driven economy.

The beta version is available to download on the Epic Games store.

AEG Token: Powering the Aether Universe

AEG is the native token of Aether Games and facilitates all activity in the Aether universe, enabling a seamlessly integrated economy. AEG will be a multi-chain token and its utility includes:

  • Crafting – In Aether: Trading Card Game, players can use AEG to transform their plan cards into an NFT, granting players true ownership of their assets.
  • Nesting Heirlooms – Heirlooms are cross-game dynamic NFTs in the Aether universe. By nesting AEG within Heirlooms, players can adjust the level of their Heirloom to enable faster in-game progression. This feature also allows players to rent out their upgraded Heirlooms to other players. 
  • Gas Usage – AEG will be used as the native gas token once the Aether Subnet goes live. 
  • Transacting in Aether’s Marketplace – AEG will be used for all trading activity within the Aether universe and its upcoming marketplace.

Aether Games Team

The Aether Games team brings a wealth of experience and expertise, with many years of experience in the game development, esports, entertainment, and CGI industries. They have collectively contributed to more than 500 media titles, including notable games like God of War, Far Cry 6 and Baldur’s Gate 3. Additionally, their expertise extends to the television industry, with team members having worked on innovative Netflix shows like Love, Death & Robots. This diverse team background enables Aether Games to build a high quality franchise, further accelerated by their extensive network across multiple industries.

Unique Selling Points

  • Exclusive game development rights for “The Wheel of Time” franchise.
  • Biggest gaming IP in the blockchain space so far.
  • Dynamic platform for various high and dark fantasy IPs.
  • Blend of traditional gaming experiences with blockchain innovations.
  • Beta-tested, live on Epic Games
  • Leverages over 100M per year in marketing spending through Amazon


Token Information

  • Symbols: AEG
  • Total Supply:  1,000,000,000

Token Utility

  • Crafting material
  • P2P Currency

IDO Private Round on Kanga

Token price: $0.04

Chain: Polygon

Vesting Terms: 20% Unlocked at TGE, Cliff for 3 months and 9 months of linear release.

Initial market cap: only 2.1M

Save the date: Wednesday, January 31th 10AM UTC

Link to the sale: https://trade.kanga.exchange/launchpad/AEG