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New IEO na Kanga - NearB!

New IEO na Kanga - NearB!

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On Wednesday, February 14th, the private seed round token sale of NRB tokens will take place – a project by NearB, which is changing the way we think about travel and supporting local communities.

NearB is an innovative tourism platform that revolutionizes the way we explore the world. Its mission is to connect local entrepreneurs, travelers, and the local community into a cohesive ecosystem. The primary goal is to promote authentic experiences by encouraging the discovery and support of local attractions, services, and products, combining the joy of traveling with the benefits offered by technology.

NRB token

The heart of NearB is the NRB token, a local digital currency created to facilitate the exchange of value within the near. ecosystem. This token not only enhances travel experiences but also opens up new opportunities for both travelers and local businesses.

NearB is a pioneer in the “Travel 2 Earn” model, allowing platform users to earn NRB tokens through traveling, sharing their experiences, and much more.

Soon, NearB will launch Prestaking to reward those who trusted them in the early stages. For NRB token holders from the open market, rewards and a share of the company’s revenues in specific countries will be offered. Participation in the program requires owning a special NFT token.

Note: The “Boost share” option provides a larger share in the rewards pool for the most enthusiastic project supporters.

The advantages of the NRB token

The NRB token plays a crucial role in the project’s ecosystem, providing users with various opportunities and benefits. It serves not only as the main reward in the staking program but also offers attractive discounts, bonuses, and rewards as part of the loyalty program.

Its goal is to motivate users to actively participate by rewarding them for community actions such as creating content, giving recommendations, or attending events on the platform. Owning NRB tokens will unlock doors to many benefits, special offers, and unique experiences on the platform, significantly increasing its attractiveness to users. Travelers and customers will also receive rewards in the form of NRB tokens for making purchases from local businesses, further motivating them to support the local economy. The NRB token will serve as a Local Virtual Currency (LVC), enabling payments for services and products offered by local entrepreneurs.

Token information

  • IEO cap: 100k USDT
  • Price per token: 0,048$
  • Available purchase cryptocurrency: USDT, USDC, oPLN
  • Min Investment per user: 100 USDT
  • Max Investment per user: 10k USDT
  • Token Vesting: 12% before listing, 4 month cliff, then the rest over 10 months linear
  • TGE/listing date: 15.01.2025

A bonus of 30% in NRB tokens will be added to each package after the TGE.

This means that for each package:

  • With 100 USDT, you’ll receive an additional 625 NRB as a bonus.
  • With 250 USDT, you’ll receive an additional 1562 NRB as a bonus.
  • With 480 USDT, you’ll receive an additional 3,000 NRB as a bonus.
  • With 960 USDT, you’ll receive an additional 6,000 NRB as a bonus.

Useful links:

  • NRB token website: https://nrbtoken.com/
  • nearB. guide: https://nearb.pl/app/
  • Twitter: https://twitter.com/nearb__
  • Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/nearb.poland
  • Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/nearb.poland/
  • Telegram: https://t.me/+7nr6dZygZxw0MTc8