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New exchange points of Kanga Exchange

New exchange points of Kanga Exchange

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The next step is done! As we promised – we are not stopping. Development is the key to success and we are not going to stop growing anytime soon.

Our exchange network just expanded with 8 new points in Poland, we were joined by: 

– Lombard DPK Elbląg II, ul. Płk. Dąbka 179,

– Lombard DPK Gdańsk II, ul. Chrobrego 1,

– Lombard DPK Gdańsk III, ul. Szczecińska 23,

– Lombard DPK Grudziądz II, ul. Wybickiego 24-26,

– Lombard DPK Kwidzyn II, ul. Chopina 31b,

– Lombard DPK Malbork II, ul. Kościuszki 23F,

– Lombard DPK Sztum, ul. Mickiewicza 1A,

– Lombard DPK Tczew II, ul. Jasińskiego 16F,

Next points are ahead where you can buy and sell crypto in seconds in our stationary exchange points.

Please visit to get more information and check our exchange points near you.