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New exchange points of Kanga Exchange

New exchange points of Kanga Exchange

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The next step is done! As we promised – we are not stopping. Development is the key to success and we are not going to stop growing anytime soon.

Our exchange network just expanded with 8 new points in Poland, we were joined by: 

– Lombard DPK Elbląg II, ul. Płk. Dąbka 179,

– Lombard DPK Gdańsk II, ul. Chrobrego 1,

– Lombard DPK Gdańsk III, ul. Szczecińska 23,

– Lombard DPK Grudziądz II, ul. Wybickiego 24-26,

– Lombard DPK Kwidzyn II, ul. Chopina 31b,

– Lombard DPK Malbork II, ul. Kościuszki 23F,

– Lombard DPK Sztum, ul. Mickiewicza 1A,

– Lombard DPK Tczew II, ul. Jasińskiego 16F,

Next points are ahead where you can buy and sell crypto in seconds in our stationary exchange points.

Please visit https://kangakantor.pl/ to get more information and check our exchange points near you.