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Merry Christmas from Kanga Exchange!

Merry Christmas from Kanga Exchange!

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Dear Kanganauts!

On the occasion of Christmas, our elves toured the office and collected a handful of wishes – from us for you 🙂

The IT department, wishes you ultra-high PoS rewards, successful IEOs and flash sales. What is more they wish that you will not be overwhelmed by the weight of the crypto you have in your wallet!

Customer Service, between one call and the other, wishes a less overloaded switchboard and as few problems as possible (calmingly assuring, that they absolutely love to solve them – seriously!).

Administration, accounting, and finances keep their fingers crossed for accounting higher payments and wish you attractive holiday bonuses. And if the boss forgot about you, we (shyly) remind you about our passive income mechanisms, including PoS.

One of the most popular departments has also not forgotten about you – the exchange points department! Let there be a Kanga exchange point in every city! Because where else, if not with us, you can buy crypto for cash so quickly and easily? Best regards to our partners – may you have only satisfied customers.

The management wishes you all successful investments and a bitcoin worth a million dollars!

And finally us – marketing! We wish you everything kangastic! What do we mean by that? It does not matter if you spend Christmas with your family, friends, at work or alone in an armchair – let this time be a great opportunity for you to recharge your batteries and clear your mind.

Stay happy, Kanganauts!