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Launchpad guaranteed allocations with an auto-buy feature

Launchpad guaranteed allocations with an auto-buy feature

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Kanga Exchange offers the Auto-Buy feature as a service to all who stake their KNG tokens. This option is available as a special round during most of the token sale events on our launchpad. 

To secure a guaranteed purchase during IEO on Kanga Exchange, you can pick the desired allocation and place a bid for it. In the case of demand exceeding supply, our system will determine the winners of the auction starting with the highest bidder until the allocation is filled.

On the IEO page, at a specified time before the start of the presale, allocation packages will be available and you will have an option to choose how much you want to pay for the chosen one. The minimum offer is always 0.01 KNG.

Please note in the case of winning the auction, the amount you have entered as your bid will automatically be taken from your Kanga wallet. In the case of losing the auction, you won’t be charged the KNG amount used as your bid.

At the start of the sale, our system will buy your chosen allocation automatically. However, you can still take part in the second round which is run on a FCFS basis given that you haven’t matched the maximum buy during the first round.

FCFS round will only open if there are tokens left over from the guaranteed allocation round.

Step-by-step allocation choice

  • Go to trade.kanga.exchange and log in.
  • Click on the Launchpad tab and pick the guaranteed allocation you are interested in.
  • You need to have some KNG tokens in your wallet to pick and bid on the chosen allocation package. Bidding the smallest possible amount of KNG is not always the best option as some other users may outrun you in the auction.
    If you win the auction you will receive a guaranteed allocation.
  • At the start of the IEO our system will buy for you the selected number of tokens. Just make sure you have enough USDT in your wallet.