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KNG staking - key changes related to daily growth halving

KNG staking - key changes related to daily growth halving

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For many cryptocurrency investors and enthusiasts, staking is not just a way to earn extra income, but also active participation in network development. In the context of KNG staking, the introduction of daily halving of the AutoTransfer bonus brings several key revolutions that are worth understanding.


One of the most noticeable changes is the modification to the AutoTransfer function. After the halving, it will only be available to holders of at least 100 KNG within their staking. Individuals who currently stake less than 100 KNG but have AutoTransfer enabled will lose their entire existing bonus if they do not supplement their staking with KNG tokens. To newcomers, we remind that the AutoTransfer feature enables automatic replenishment of their staking with a daily reward and is particularly useful for those who aim to maximize their share of rewards.

Another significant change is the halving of the daily increase in the AutoTransfer bonus, which now occurs every 300 days. This means that users utilizing the AutoTransfer feature will receive rewards daily based on the percentage daily increase, which is halved every 300 days. For instance, within the initial 300 days, users may expect a 0.5% daily increase, which then decreases to 0.25% in the subsequent 300 days, and so forth.

The third key change is the introduction of limitations regarding withdrawals from the staking pool. A partial withdrawal from the pool will result in a halving of the user’s current bonus. Conversely, a complete withdrawal from the pool will reset this bonus to zero.

  • If a user’s balance falls below 100 KNG after a withdrawal, the bonus will be reset, and the AutoTransfer function will be disabled.
  • When the current bonus exceeds 300% – the daily increment is reset to zero.
  • When disabling AutoTransfer, the current bonus is reset to zero.

All these changes aim to both encourage new users to utilize the KNG staking function and reward the most dedicated ones.


1. Daily Growth Halving:

  • Every 300 days: The daily increase in the AutoTransfer bonus is halved every 300 days.

2. Auto-Replenishment:

  • Minimum amount: Enabling the AutoTransfer function is possible from 100 KNG onwards. Users with less than this amount will not have the option to utilize this feature.