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KNG 2.0 Tokenomics

KNG 2.0 Tokenomics

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In this article, we will discuss plans related to the KNG token and the development of Kanga. What are the prospects for expansion? What novelties will arrive at Kanga? We warmly invite you to read on to learn the details.

Plans for 2024

Quarter I

The first quarter is planned to bring dynamic changes in token functionalities, such as autobonus halving and introducing new types of orders. The affiliate program will be modernized, and special prepaid cards will be implemented. Integration with the Tron blockchain will occur, and there will also be the launch of ‘Kwadrans z Kanga’ in English.

  • Token

1. Autobonus halving

a) first 200 days – 0.5%

b) next 200 days – 0.25%

c) following 200 days – 0.125%

2. The payout will halve our autobonus.

3. Activation of the autobonus from 100 KNG.

  • Functionalities

1. Affiliate program.

2. New types of orders:

a) stop limit

b) trailing stop

3. OffRamping – prepaid cards

  • Blockchains

1. Tron

  • Expansion

1. ‘Kwadrans z Kanga’ in English

Quarter II

The following quarter will bring a reduction in the commission paid in KNG tokens and the creation of the Kanga VIP program for token holders in staking. Significant steps will be taken to reach leading CEX. Functionalities will be expanded to include P2P USDT and Kanga Loan staking. Expansion will cover new markets in Vietnam, Indonesia, Turkey, and the Philippines. Additionally, decisions regarding technology in Kanga Blockchain will be initiated, launching first tests.

  • Token

1. Lower commission paid in KNG tokens. The reduction will be 25%. Implemented through daily payback.

2. Kanga VIP

a) For individuals holding a specific amount of tokens in staking.

b) For individuals subscribing monthly.

3. KNG listing on CEX.

  • Functionalities


2. Kanga Loan staking

  • Blockchains

1. Solana

2. XRP

  • Expansion

1. Vietnam

2. Indonesia

3. Turkey

4. Philippines

  • Kanga Blockchain

1. Technology selection

2. Initial tests

Quarter III

The third quarter will focus on Kanga Loan collateralized by KNG, introducing leverage, and integrating with blockchains like Polkadot, Cardano, and Avalanche. We also plan to publicize the Kanga blockchain.

  • Token

1. Kanga Loan collateralized by KNG.

  • Functionalities

1. Leverage

  • Blockchains

1. Polkadot

2. Cardano

3. Avalanche

  • Kanga Blockchain

1. Publicizing the blockchain

Quarter IV

In the final quarter of 2024, plans include burning a million tokens, launching Launchpad 2.0, and integrating with various blockchains, including zkSync, Polygon zkEVM, and Base. Expansion will involve increasing our OTC points to 2000 and launching a total of 1000 Kanga Pay points. Finally, the stage of finalizing the Kanga Blockchain’s shape is planned.

  • Token

1. Burning a million tokens

  • Functionalities

1. Launchpad 2.0

  • Blockchains

1. zkSync

2. Polygon zkEVM

3. Base

  • Expansion

1. 2000 OTC points

2. 1000 Kanga Pay points

  • Kanga Blockchain

1. Kanga Blockchain


The developmental plans involving the KNG token and Kanga’s activities for 2024 are ambitious and encompass a range of innovative changes, functionalities, and expansion into new markets, indicating a commitment to strengthening Kanga’s position in the world of cryptocurrencies.

We also encourage you to download the graphical plan where we presented KNG 2.0 Tokenomics, follow our social media posts and check our blog for the latest updates!