#KangaDate – Results of the contest


The search is over! šŸ” Were you able to find the clues that we left? šŸ’³

Thank you for the numerous responses and participation in the competition.

The correct answers are as follows:

The date of Kanga Exchange foundation āž”ļø 11/09/2018

Date of the first emission of the KNG token āž”ļø 01/03/2021

The first correct answer was given by @kajtekajtek and he won the main prize of 10 KNG!

Whereas T-shirts #InKangaWeTrust go to four people who were the closest: šŸ˜Ž





Congratulations to the winners!

If your nickname is among the winner, DM us on one of our SM channels. šŸ˜‰

Order your free card āž”ļø kanga.cash/club

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