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Pay with cryptocurrencies wherever you want! Kanga Payment Gateway

Pay with cryptocurrencies wherever you want! Kanga Payment Gateway

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The (im)practical use of cryptocurrencies

One of the main challenges of cryptocurrencies is the lack of practical use in everyday payments. The most common use of virtual currencies is speculation (“I will risk it, and maybe I will earn a lot?”) And sending funds to another person (e.g. abroad), who will convert them at home into local fiat currency. Currently, it may seem that bitcoin will never meet the qualities of money such as acceptability (e.g. payment for coffee in a coffee shop) and convenience (complications related to the time required to obtain the appropriate number of confirmations in the blockchain network and the need to download its address from the seller). The case is similar with personal tokens – it is difficult to imagine (even if you are a supporter of this form of tokenization) the state in which people begin to give up fiat payments in favor of token payments.

How to pay with cryptocurrencies thanks to a payment gateway?

Bearing in mind the presented difficulties, we have prepared a solution in the form of a payment gateway. It is a tool that can accept payments in any cryptocurrency listed on the Kanga Exchange and FIATs and automatically convert it to one that suits the seller (e.g. PLN). All this takes place in the blink of an eye, so it is almost imperceptible to both seller and buyer. Each online store can implement such a gate and thus expand the group of its customers to those who would like to pay with cryptocurrencies for their purchases. If you are interested in such a solution, please write to us at: [email protected].

Payment gateway to be used in tokenization

If you have become tokenized and would like to accept settlements in your token, you can use our payment gateway. It is enough for the contractor to easily configure our gateway and then pay with the currency of his choice, and you will receive tokens. We encourage you to watch the movie where it was discussed in detail (here).

Payment gateway integrated with paybtc.io

Paybtc.io is an intermediary in online purchases using cryptocurrencies for both individual clients and companies. If you already have an account on kanga.exchange and want to make such a transaction, just follow these three simple steps:

  1. Enter the paybtc.io website, paste the link to the product you want to buy and enter its price and country of delivery,
  2. Check the purchase offer that you will receive by e-mail within a few minutes and click on the link in the e-mail,
  3. Pay for the product with a selected cryptocurrency by selecting the Kanga Exchange payment gateway. You have the following currencies: oPLN, BTC, ETH, oEUR, BTCV, USDT, or USDC.

Then all you have to do is wait for delivery! What if you don’t have a kanga.exchange account yet? Just create it here by clicking the “join” button in the upper right corner of the page:

and follow the steps described below. After creating an account, you top up your wallet with funds, and then proceed to shopping in accordance with the steps described above.

Why is choosing Kanga gate worthwhile?

As a consumer – first of all, you do not have to sell cryptocurrencies by exchanging them for FIAT currencies – you can immediately shop in any online store. For example, you can choose the ETH currency and not pay for GAS at all! In addition, paybtc.io negotiates the price with sellers, and sellers at the same time give discounts to customers with cryptocurrency wallets. Thanks to this, the commission for the transaction is almost imperceptible to the buyer! As an entrepreneur with an online store, you can also gain a lot – people who prefer cryptocurrency payments will join the group of your customers, and you open a new sales channel.

Thus – join the group of people contributing to the adoption of cryptocurrencies in everyday life and enjoy the payment gateway!