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Kanga Pay - web3 payment gateway for your web2 business

Kanga Pay - web3 payment gateway for your web2 business

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The crypto asset industry has struggled with the problem of their practical application for everyday purchases since its inception. Mainly, the functionality of cryptocurrencies orbited around market speculation and sending funds to another person (e.g. staying abroad) so that they could convert the digital currency into fiat.

For this reason, for a long time it was possible to get the impression that even bitcoin or ethereum would not be characterized by financial acceptability, allowing for the usual purchase of a meal in a restaurant. In addition, there is the problem of portability, i.e. complications regarding the time needed to obtain the right number of confirmations in the blockchain. Even enthusiasts of the technology realize that people are more likely to use fiat currency continuously than to opt for the crypto alternative.

Web3 payment gateway Kanga Pay from Kanga Exchange

Kanga Exchange is aware of these adversities, and has prepared a remedy in the form of a web3 payment gateway called Kanga Pay. It allows you to accept payments in specific trading pairs and automatically convert it to the one acceptable by the seller. In addition, the entire process takes place immediately. The gateway can be implemented by any web2 business, thanks to which it will expand its group to consumers who want to pay for their orders using cryptocurrencies.

People interested in implementing this tool can visit the markets panel, where they will find API documentation with all the necessary data. Access requests must be made through your Kanga Exchange account. The request to activate the payment gateway can be processed up to 5 business days. It works on the same principle as the BLIK mobile payment system.

The client generates a 6-digit code in the application or on the web version. Then he has 2 minutes to make the payment, exceeding this time will result in cancellation of the process, which will then require the generation of another code.

At the same time, in connection with the introduction of the gate, Kanga Exchange is starting an ambassador program.

For more information about the payment gate and ambassador program, please contact us at [email protected]

We encourage you to join the group of people facilitating the adoption of cryptocurrencies in everyday life!