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Kanga P2P - what is it all about?

Kanga P2P - what is it all about?

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We recently launched a new service with the fairly common name P2P. But what is this whole Peer to Peer stuff all about? What does it consist of? How do you use it? In this article, we will answer these (and other) questions.

The P2P service allows you to sell and buy cryptocurrencies between verified Kanga users, using BLIK or bank transfer. Our idea is based on decentralization and the unstoppable Blockchain of People. For now, you can only use this service if you have a Polish bank account, and the cryptocurrencies that can be exchanged are stablecoins.  The range of cryptocurrencies will be expanded in the coming future.

Instructions – How does it work?


First, you log in to Kanga Exchange, go to the Wallet tab, and second to the Kanga P2P tab. Third, you carefully read the terms and conditions, accept and click “save”. Next, you go to the “buy” box. Choose the currency, and the amount and click “convert”. Then make sure everything is entered correctly and click “BUY”. Within 5 minutes, one of our operators should accept your order. After you get a message about the acceptance of the operator, you will get the information necessary to make the transfer. Once the payment is done, press “Confirm payment” You have 15 minutes to do this. Now click “I confirm that the payment has been made” and click “confirm” again. Wait a while for the operator to receive the transfer and send a confirmation. If everything went well – all completed P2P transactions will be in the “orders” tab.

In the case of sales, we have an equivalent situation. Of course, instead of “buy” we have “sell” and instead of “Confirm payment”, we have “Confirm receipt”.


How to become a P2P operator?

  1. You must have a verified account with us. You can find information on account verification here: https://kanga.exchange/account-verification
  2. Using Telegram, send any message to @RawDataBot.
  3. Send the received reply from the email address registered in our service to [email protected].
  4. Inform us in the email about the chosen payment method: BLIK or bank transfer, along with all the details – phone number or account number with the name of the bank. 
  5. In order for you to receive notifications about current P2P offers, send any message to @Kanga_p2p_bot using Telegram messenger.

After completing the above steps, our team will be able to register you as a P2P Operator.

From your side, the whole process is done via Telegram messenger.

When the User creates a buy or sell transaction- you will be informed about it via Telegram.

When a purchase offer is issued – you will be informed in what amount the User wants to buy our stablecoin and by what method he wants to make the purchase. To make the transaction just click “ACCEPT”. When the transfer is received, click “RECEIVED“.

In the case of an offer to sell, you will get information on how much the User wants to sell our stablecoin and what method he wants to receive payment.  To complete the transaction, click “ACCEPT”, then send the funds by the correct method and click “SEND”:

Of course, you do not have to become an operator, it is not mandatory. There are financial benefits associated with this role in the form of 2% of the network fee of each transfer.


Kanga P2P is a simple way to quickly buy (or sell) cryptocurrencies. The utility of this feature opens our community to new opportunities. For example – It’s Sunday, and you urgently need to purchase a certain cryptocurrency. If you try to make an interbank transfer, there’s a good chance it won’t be posted until Monday. This is where Kanga P2P comes in! Thanks to the fact that the selected operator has an account in your bank, the transfer is processed immediately, and you get the purchased cryptocurrencies almost the moment you make the transfer. This really is Blockchain of the People. Decentralized, secured, and fast.  Crypto has never been so close to fiat! Now you are just minutes away from buying cryptocurrencies, no matter where you are!*.

* as long as you have an internet connection.