Kanga exchange partners with Synapse Ventures

Kanga exchange partners with Synapse Ventures
Kanga exchange partners with Chain Ridge Capital
Kanga Exchange partnership with MarketMaking Pro!

We are proud to announce our next strategic partnership with Synapse Ventures! Synapse is a fully functional investment ecosystem that is bringing a true revolution to the investing world. They have a clear goal in mind with their long term plans, and they are quickly enabling a lot of new investors to connect with budding projects, as well as helping seasoned entrepreneurs by streamlining what is otherwise a difficult process.  

Synapse Ventures has already invested in multiple high-value projects and will keep doing so. They have also already announced multiple partnerships with brilliant teams, and Kanga is glad of their substantial investment, as it shows a high degree of trust in our project and in our vision. 

Synapse has demonstrated the solidity of their network multiple times, by creating a complete and premium product, by expanding their community into a force to be reckoned with in less than 5 months as well as demonstrating their technological expertise. 

We share a lot with them, as we also aim for diversity in our services. That's one of the reasons as to why we are a Cryptoassets Exchange and not a simple Cryptocurrency exchange

We will combine our experience in the European market and project development with their own marketing insight and strategic resource deployment to create something bigger than the sum of our parts.

We will rapidly expand to the global market thanks to the pooled resources of our teams, alongside Kanga Exchange foresight in partnering with multiple high-level projects.

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