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Kanga BLIK - buy oPLN using BLIK!

Kanga BLIK - buy oPLN using BLIK!

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oPLN is the digital equivalent of the Polish złoty in the form of a token on the Ethereum blockchain. oPLN has a 1:1 exchange rate with the Polish złoty and is the primary stablecoin on Kanga. Starting today (December 4th, 2023), selected GoCash customers receive the option to purchase Omega PLN using BLIK.

Buying Omega PLN using BLIK

How to buy Omega PLN using BLIK? Here’s a step-by-step guide!

  • On Kanga, we select the oPLN deposit option, then we are redirected to GoCash, where we have various payment methods for purchasing Omega złoty.
  • If a person has been selected, they will see the BLIK logo among the various payment options on GoCash.
  • After using the BLIK payment option, Omega PLN will be added to your Kanga Wallet within a few seconds.
  • That’s all!

Why is it worth buying Omega PLN using BLIK?

Kanga BLIK is the fastest method to purchase oPLN, the only stablecoin based on the Polish złoty exchange rate.