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Kanga at Token2049

Kanga at Token2049

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Token2049 is a unique event. It was the conference where the greats of the cryptocurrency world spoke, including Vitalik Buterin, Dan Morehead and Charles Hoskinson. How could Kanga not be there?

Kanga in Singapore

The next edition of Token2049 will kick off on September 13, where the whole world will be talking about the financial revolution brought about by blockchain technology and the freedom that comes with digital assets.

Singapore is about to host the most important event of the year for cryptocurrencies. We are not going to miss such an opportunity! You can visit us on the 5th floor at booth P45. We invite you to talk to us, high-five us, take a commemorative photo or participate in the contest, where you will be able to win a set of our gadgets. 


Token2049 brings people together. By how culturally rich the conference is and how many cryptocurrency enthusiasts worldwide attend, Token2049 is a great cause for gaining contacts and opening doors to which you usually don’t have access. 

We as Kanga are not afraid of challenges. We want to meet new people, explore new opportunities and be inspired by the multitude of cultures, histories and beliefs. We go beyond crypto, by getting into the crowd of people who are building this robust international community.

See you there!