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New IEO on Kanga: Playtoo!

New IEO on Kanga: Playtoo!

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Zuzanna Krychowiak

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Playtoo is an online platform that offers the opportunity to earn money and provides endless entertainment with hundreds of carefully selected games streamed from top developers worldwide. This project’s IEO will take place on Kanga on Friday, May 24.

Playtoo offers innovative features such as challenges and tournaments aimed at increasing user interaction. Ultimately, Playtoo aims to create a decentralized hub, providing developers with increased reward opportunities without any upfront costs, and engaging gaming experiences for users without access fees.


The innovative Playtoo ecosystem revolutionizes game creation by enabling developers to focus solely on creating captivating games, while allowing players to earn money while having fun. Managing all logistics, from advertising to organizing tournaments and challenges, Playtoo allows developers to concentrate on their next game, watching rewards accumulate on their dashboard. Similarly, players can earn money by enjoying various games and challenges tailored to different preferences and age groups, aiming to attract a broader audience still rooted in the web2 era.

  • Simplified access for Web2 users: No wallet is needed, making the transition to Web3 smooth and user-friendly.
  • Revenue sharing model with developers: Ensures an endless supply of games at zero cost, encouraging the use of a wide range of games.
  • PLY token not tied to a single game: Linked to the entire game ecosystem, making it resilient to passing fads and trends.
  • Unique Player Experience: Ad-free P2E, providing the only destination for endless gaming options.

Innovative Solutions

Playtoo’s innovative solutions have elevated the gaming industry to a new level, creating a sustainable, user-friendly, and profitable ecosystem for developers, users, and the platform itself. Through collaboration, optimized advertising costs, and a comprehensive token economy, Playtoo effectively addresses the challenges of the gaming industry while offering seamless and exciting experiences for its users. The PLY token provides a groundbreaking solution to the lack of intrinsic value and the risks associated with tokens dedicated to single games, making it an attractive investment for those looking to leverage the immense potential of the gaming industry.

Token Information

  • Symbols: PLY
  • Total Supply: 250,000,000
  • Private Sale Token price: $0.0280
  • Currency: USDT
  • Chain: BNB
  • Vesting Schedule: 20% Unlocked at TGE, 1-month Cliff, then the rest over 5 months
  • IMC: $396,695
  • TGE: 15.06.2024

Playtoo IEO schedule

  • 09AM UTC –  First round for KNG stakers (must opt-in by bidding on chosen allocation package, up to 10 KNG should be enough to win the auction)
  • 10AM UTC – Second round (FCSC) open for all

Link do zakupu tokenów: https://trade.kanga.exchange/launchpad/HRSE

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