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New Affiliate Program on Kanga!

New Affiliate Program on Kanga!

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Zuzanna Krychowiak

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Creating an account on Kanga brings many benefits, and one of them is our new three-level affiliate program. But what exactly is affiliation? It’s simply a way to earn through recommendations.

What is the Affiliate Program?

The Affiliate Program is a partnership program that allows users to earn cryptocurrencies by recommending the exchange to others. Participants in the program receive a commission from each transaction made by a new user they referred. Users who have benefited from such a recommendation also have the chance to receive a portion of the commission from each transaction if the affiliate shares some of their earnings with their users.

Affiliate Program Terms of Use


The Affiliate Program offers many benefits for affiliates, including:

  • The ability to earn commissions by recommending the exchange to others,
  • Access to exclusive promotional materials,
  • The opportunity to build their own brand and community.

How to Get Started?

To start earning through the Affiliate Program, simply create an account on Kanga. The process of promoting the exchange and attracting new users whose transactions generate profit proceeds as follows:

  • The affiliate sends out a referral link or code, and users who use the link must register on the exchange within 30 days from the date the code was sent. They will then be assigned to the affiliate’s campaign. In the case of registration through the mobile application using a code, there is no time limit.
  • Newly registered users must make their first transaction on the exchange within 30 days. From that moment, the affiliate starts earning a commission from each transaction.

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