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EarnM IEO on Kanga Exchange!

EarnM IEO on Kanga Exchange!

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Zuzanna Krychowiak

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We are happy to host an exclusive private sale of EarnM – deflationary MobileFi & DePIN rewards, transforming smartphones into EarnPhones. It is one of the hottest launches around the Bitcoin Halving time. On Wednesday, April 24, there will be a round for  KNG stakers tokens of this project.

About the project

EARNM is a deflationary mobile rewards currency, sustainably transforming smartphones into EarnPhones. Through Fractal Box Protocol, over 17M Web3 Box Assets have already been distributed on mobile through the ecosystem’s creator, Mode Mobile — One of the world’s largest play-to-earn platforms with over $250M In earnings and savings to millions of consumers.

EARN’M is leading an innovative shift within the Web3 landscape, focusing on the universal presence of mobile phones to foster a robust, trillion-dollar ecosystem. Recognizing smartphones as underutilized assets among 7 billion global users, EARN’M crafts an ecosystem reminiscent of the transformative impact seen with Airbnb and Uber, transforming everyday devices into powerful economic tools.

DePIN distribution of each EARN’M Mystery Box through the digital partner network enhances user engagement, governance, and rewards. Enabling EARN’M to strengthen network effects while solidifying the flywheel within the Web3 pillar of the EarnOS infrastructure.

This strategic cycle of distribution, engagement, and rewards is aimed at advancing a private-sector-driven UBI framework, preparing for an AI-influenced future. EARN’M sits at the crossroads of Web2 accessibility and Web3 innovation, forging a new category that merges the gig and attention economies. This model leverages smartphone ubiquity to redefine work and value in a digital, AI-driven era.

Important Facts:

  • Development of a thriving launch community of 45 million lifetime questers, supported by 2M+ 5-star reviews and over $250M earned and saved.
  • 500,000+ $EARNM Mystery Boxes Minted during Earn’M Public Alpha Launch (Jan 2024)
  • Saw a 32,481% revenue growth rate, establishing the team behind Earn’M (Mode Mobile) as Deloitte’s Fast 500 #1 Fastest Growing Software Company in North America for 2023, surpassing industry juggernauts like DapperLabs.
  • $40M+ raised from visionary early backers since 2017, driving continuous research, innovation, and the expansion of EarnPhones as a category.

$45M in Capital Raised from major VCs: Kenetic, GSR Ventures, Blockwater, Astronaut Capital, Gravitas Ventures, Alphachain, Magnus Capital, Binary, FBG Capital, CollinStar, BIT Capital, AU21 Capital, Walden Bridge Capital, Cornhill Management, and others.

EarnM IDOs will soon be held on Top Tier launchpads like Polkastarter, DAO Maker, Decubate i ChainGPT, but private sale is available only on Kanga Launchpad!

Token information

  • Symbols: EARNM
  • Total Supply: 5,000,000,000
  • Token price: $0.01
  • Currency: USDT
  • Allocation: $80k – An additional $20k may be made available for purchase during the IEO at the discretion of EarnM.
  • Vesting Schedule: 0% at TGE, 2 months cliff, rest daily over 12 months linear

EarnM has confirmed its IDOs on Polkastarter, DAO Maker and ChainGPT. The listing is expected on Top Tier exchanges like OKX, ByBit, Gate and Kucoin in April.

EarnM Private Sale schedule

  • 09AM UTC –  First round for KNG stakers (must opt-in by bidding on chosen allocation package, up to 10 KNG should be enough to win the auction)
  • 10AM UTC – Second round (FCSC) open for all

Participate here: https://trade.kanga.exchange/launchpad/EARNM

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