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Crypto Mayhem IEO on KangaStarter

Crypto Mayhem IEO on KangaStarter

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Zuzanna Krychowiak

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Crypto Mayhem is a polish gaming project whose IEO will take place this Friday, June 14, on KangaStarter. It features a unique approach of two games in one, divided into two exciting layers. We invite you to read the article to learn more about the project.

Synergy of blockchain and AI

Crypto Mayhem combines blockchain technology with the currently spotlighted artificial intelligence. In the first layer, the Grand Strategy (GS), players can experience deep and multidimensional strategic gameplay. The entertainment focuses not only on building one’s civilization through interactions with other users but also on developing and managing resources and territory.

Main goals in the Grand Strategy:

  • Trading in provinces, including exchanging resources for ADRIA tokens and vice versa.
  • Expanding civilization by acquiring more NFT Land.
  • Economic competition with other players and on the battlefield.
  • Producing equipment for the Top-Down Shooter (TDS) game and renting out NFT Mechs.
  • Taking control of the entire planet.

In the second layer, the Top-Down Shooter, the game combines blockchain-based economy, including cryptocurrencies and NFTs, with top-down shooter mechanics (where all the action is observed from above, known as the top-down perspective). The player is tasked with completing missions on an alien planet and fighting insect-like creatures.

Main goals in the Top-Down Shooter:

  • Fighting on a planet devastated by insects.
  • Developing and upgrading NFT Mechs to enhance combat efficiency.
  • Completing missions and achieving long-term objectives.
  • Exterminating enemies of varying difficulty for short-term goals.

ADRIA token

In the game, the ADRIA token is used as the main currency, allowing players to purchase land in auctions, generate more goods, create their own factions, transport resources between planets, and upgrade buildings by burning the ADRIA pool.

Various economic mechanisms have been introduced into the Crypto Mayhem ecosystem to support interaction and economy between the Grand Strategy and Top-Down Shooter. Here are a few of them:

Staking ADRIA: Offers rewards for long-term investors and enables control over resources, directing economic flows in a particular sector, influencing both game variants.

Remote Personal Missions: Players can create missions in one game style and perform them in another, simultaneously affecting the economy and outcomes in both games.

Tokenomic Business Model: Influences the value and supply of ADRIA tokens through in-game transactions, including transaction fees.

NFT Market: Enables trading and exchanging NFTs, key elements of both games, influencing the economic dynamics in the Crypto Mayhem metaverse.

Global Events: Introduce variable economic factors and strategic challenges in both Grand Strategy and Top-Down Shooter styles, leading to a fusion of economic influences in both game genres.

Token information and IEO schedule

  • Symbols: ADRIA
  • Total Supply: 10,000,000,000
  • Token price: $0.0017
  • Currency: USDT
  • Chain: Polygon
  • Round: seed  
  • Vesting Schedule: 7.5% at TGE, 2 month cliff, rest over 14 months linear daily distribution
  • IMC: $656k

Crypto Mayhem IEO schedule

  • 09AM UTC –  First round for KNG stakers (must opt-in by bidding on chosen allocation package, up to 10 KNG should be enough to win the auction)
  • 10AM UTC – Second round (FCSC) open for all

Participate here: https://trade.kanga.exchange/launchpad/ADRIA

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