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In these cities there are companies where you can pay for services with cryptocurrencies!

In these cities there are companies where you can pay for services with cryptocurrencies!

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Kanga pay is a payment gateway that allows you to pay for services and products using cryptocurrencies. At this moment, we have implemented our payment gateway in a total of 8 companies in 5 cities in Poland!

Places in which you can pay with cryptocurrencies


IL TRAMONTO is a restaurant located at Grabiszyńska 240 in Wrocław. It offers Mediterranean cuisine combining Italian, Greek and Spanish flavours. The restaurant offers starters, soups, pizzas, seafood, pastas and delicious desserts. More about IL TRAMONTO can be found here.

OpenArt Studio 

OpenArt Studio offers website design and management services. Information about the offers is available here. We also encourage you to read the article, in which the company explains how the Kanga Pay payment gateway and JKCOIN loyalty points work.

Punkt dla Zdrowia 

Punkt dla Zdrowia is a store located at Płochocińska 18 in Warsaw. You can buy fresh, seasonal fruits and vegetables there everyday. 

Cosma Gallery

Cosma Gallery is an art gallery and auction house located at 25B Grottgera in Gdańsk, Poland. The gallery is known for its art exhibitions, auctions and workshops led by well-known painters. There are also meetings with architects who provide advice on the selection of paintings at the interior design stage. It is also possible for clients and architects to rent paintings for photo shoots.

Find out more about Cosma Gallery here.


E-klucznik is a digital gift card company. The company offers gift cards for services such as Allegro, Amazon, Player. Gift cards can be purchased through the site.

Leniwe Koty Street Food and Bistro Leniwe Koty 

They’re streetfood restaurants with Caribbean delicacies, sushi and tapas. The restaurants are located in Mielno at Chrobrego 30 and Tadeusza Kosciuszko 14F .


Rompis is a company that implements renovation and construction projects in Poland and Germany. It provides measurement, supply of windows, doors, and blinds, as well as their installation. The company currently focuses on the sale and installation of window frames. For more on products and offerings, visit the site.

Dr. Karolina Englert DermaClinic

Dr. Karolina Englert DermaClinic is a dermatology and aesthetic medicine center. What is more, services such as dietetics, laser therapy and trichology can be performed there as well. More about the offer can be found here.

Your company’s payment gateway

Each online store can implement such a gate and thus expand the group of its customers to those who would like to pay with cryptocurrencies for their purchases. If you are interested in such a solution, please write to us at: [email protected].