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IEO XTRA Fund on Kanga Exchange

IEO XTRA Fund on Kanga Exchange

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XTRA is a first, transparent and decentralized, leading DeFi staking platform that is fully backed by real-life investment capital. It offers the highest returns in the crypto space – 45% APY. XTRA aims to achieve the highest yield for its staking users through a concept of Certificates of Deposit (CDs) and to make high-interest staking on XTRA’s platform bear-proof, bull-proof and bullet proof and available to anyone, regardless of the risk tolerance.

XTRA has 3 groundbreaking features that make the magic happen. First solution is a decentralized Guarantee Fund(GF) that secures the stake. Each XTRA token staker can play with no risk – if the price of the XTRA token dips, GF will step in and match the purchase price for each user. GF will protect the entire stake. It will guarantee up to 90% of the purchase price – any drop in the token price will be refunded up to 90% of the initial purchase price. It will finally make investing available to anyone, regardless of the risk tolerance and amount of assets. Truly groundbreaking. 

Second solution is XTRA’s real life business model – Merchant Cash Advance (MCA) business. It is a loan provider that helps entrepreneurs and small businesses thrive by providing the necessary funding and recouping it through charging an interest on every card transaction processed by the loan holder. The sure profits from the business are used to fuel GF. 

Third solution is the Lending Fund(LF) that provides short-term, high-interest loans. All additional profits will feed GF which, in turn, will maximise XTRA returns. Access to LF will be available in the first 12 quarters (3 years) from the launch of the project and withdrawals will be made as and when required. 

All these above features make XTRA users true winners!

XTRA is transparent to the bone, trustless and secure. XTRA is working with world class security experts to ensure there are no vulnerabilities in the platform. The platform is designed with the user in mind – it is very friendly, intuitive and quite pretty!

XTRA’s native token – XTRA Token – will be released on the fastest and cheapest blockchain networks (initially on Binance Smart Chain), making it easy and cheap to buy. Holding the XTRA Token will be a treat – users will benefit from both – the price appreciation and the accumulated staking interest. XTRA’s powerful staking calculator will show users their expected returns, depending on the staking duration and the amount. Naturally, the longer and larger the stake, the bigger the gains at the end of the staking period. 

What also distinguishes XTRA from other projects in the DeFi space is the commitment to transparency. XTRA abides by the “What you see is what you get” principle. XTRA is also  dedicated to its community of XTARIANS- it is the foundation, source of inspiration and, at its core, XTRA’s true WHY! XTRA is here for you, because of you and with you, every step of the way. 

The future of investing can be XTRA!


Available crypto:  ETH/BTC/USDT/oPLN

IEO date: 07/12/2021 10am UTC

Ask: 8/12/2021 10am UTC

Listing: 9/12/2021 10am UTC

Withdrawals: 15/12/2021 – 11:00pm UTC

Listing pair: XTRA / USDT

Mainnet: BSC

More about the project: