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IEO Challenger on Kanga

IEO Challenger on Kanga

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Challenger Project targets casual gamers of titles such as League of Legends, Valorant, Arsenal, and Katana Inu. In 2022, Challenger Project was recognized by Esports Insider, securing third place in the competition for the best esports startup in the world.

Challenger Project – technology appreciated by giants

In early 2023, Challenger Project was recognized by Google Cloud for Startups by being included in their grant program. In October 2023, Challenger Project was chosen by Red Bull to handle the online phase of the Red Bull Phase Rush tournament!


The main objective of Challenger Project is to open up esports for players who cannot afford to participate in traditional offline and online tournaments. Competitions on the platform take place in the form of challenges. Importantly, these challenges don’t require players to commit to matches at a specific time or place. It can be said they are more laid-back competitions, without time constraints or the need to have the best skills in a given game.

CHLL.GG represents Challenger Project in the WEB3 world. In addition to titles from the traditional gaming scene, thanks to its blockchain infrastructure, CHLL.GG offers esports competitions in WEB3 games. Players can currently try their hand at Legends of Elysium, Degen Youki (Metapro), and 0xDino. Soon, the selection will expand to include hits like Arsenal (Fabwelt), Katana Inu, and Legends at War.

For whom?

What’s very important is that in CHLL.GG, the creators of the esports competitions are the users themselves! If you’re a streamer, influencer, or just want to play with friends, you can easily create your own challenge. This allows for virtually infinite scaling of the platform!

Challenger Project acquires players automatically using its proprietary AI. This unique solution continuously gathers data from connected video games and generates various guides and statistics, which rank highly in search engines like Google. This year alone, the system has grown in search results by 4300%! Thanks to this, the platform has already attracted around 100,000 players, and it receives about 10,000 visitors every month.

CHLL.GG is powered by the native token $CHLL. Through this token, players can join esports competitions on the platform. Organizers and sponsors use the $CHLL token to create challenges. The token also serves as a reward for winners, who take 80% of the tokens paid into the challenge’s smart contract. The remaining amount is split in half, with 10% going to stakers (real yield staking). The last 10% is burned, ensuring a consistent reduction in the $CHLL token supply.


  • The Challenges take place on the platform in a simple community game – 0xDino.
  • The aim is to familiarize users with the platform, have fun during the IDO, and the opportunity to win prizes.
  • Everyone can join the challenge for free, BUT ONLY IDO PARTICIPANTS IN KANGA will be eligible to receive rewards.
  • The rewards in the IDO COMMUNITY BATTLE are our NFTs from the WASD collection, which, when put into action TOKEN HUNT (https://hunt.chll.gg), entitled to a vested airdrop after listing.


IEO Date: 20.10

Useful Links:

WEBSITE: https://chll.gg

PITCH & WHITE PAPER: https://drive.google.com/drive/u/0/folders/1iZfolNHIEL-qN1cgOpJQe3XYPoF3GCfZ

DOCS: https://chllgg.gitbook.io

TWITTER: https://twitter.com/chll_gg

WEB2: https://challengerproject.gg