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IEO Arrland on Kanga Exchange

IEO Arrland on Kanga Exchange

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Metaverse trend, without a doubt, reigned supreme during the recent bull market, giving rise to numerous projects that currently occupy positions in the ranking of the hundred largest cryptocurrencies by market capitalization. Among them are giants such as Decentraland (MANA), Axie Infinity (AXS), and The Sandbox (SAND), which can also be found on our cryptocurrency exchange, Kanga Exchange.

The new year brings further development to the Web3 Gaming industry, new developers, and exciting new games, including Pirates of Arrland.

Arrland – Fusion of Tradition and Innovation

Pirates of Arrland is a unique game that combines elements of MOBA competition, economic and strategic games. Players can create the game environment set in a pirate world. The project offers high-quality graphics and gameplay, as well as allows players to own characters, items, ships, and islands, through the use of blockchain technology. This way, players actively participate in the continuous development of the Arrland pirate metaverse.

Players can meet, form alliances, fight, conquer, and trade. The value of exchangeable items is determined by the rules of the ecosystem and their prices are regulated by supply and demand. The variety of gameplay allows players to enjoy their time in an attractive environment based on the Unity 2021 HDRP engine. This solution eliminates the problem of lack of players in the early stages of the game’s development and the very young Web3 Gaming industry. The creators of Arrland have thought not only about blockchain fans when creating their metaverse, but also designed many features in the game for traditional game players, which increases the scale of the project and its development potential.

Pirates of Arrland – Future of Web3 Gaming

The game Pirates of Arrland is a 3D game set in a unique pirate world.

During the game, the player can delegate tasks to their crew or control a chosen character as their avatar, allowing them to explore the map and develop their hero and assets in the game. All significant elements of the game, such as pirate, ship, island and items, are NFT (non-fungible token) tokens, which can be sold or borrowed to other players.

The world of Arrland is presented from different camera perspectives, depending on the player’s preferred playing style. They can view the environment in first-person perspective (FPP), third-person perspective (TPP), top-down, or with a free camera.

The game constantly evolves through the development and addition of new features. Players currently have three modes at their disposal:

Battle arena

In order to enter the arena, players must pass through a magical portal located on their own island. They can create a new game or join an existing one. Competition with other players can take place on maps of different sizes. Each map has a minimum and maximum number of players required to play. These maps differ in terrain and interactive elements, which significantly affect the outcome of the game. The player also chooses a mode, defining the rules of competition and victory conditions. The game begins when all players are ready to start.

Single Player:

I. Deathmatch

In this mode, the goal is to eliminate as many opponents as possible in a set time. Players who are killed respawn in designated places. At the end of the game, the player with the highest score becomes the winner.

II. Last Man

In this mode, the death of a player means that they cannot respawn until the end of the game. As the game progresses and more players are eliminated, the available area becomes smaller. The winner is the last pirate remaining on the battlefield

Team play

I. Team Deathmatch
The winning team is determined by the sum of points scored by each team member. It works similarly to the Deathmatch mode.

II. Capture the Flag
The goal is to capture the chest located between the bases of opposing teams and transport it to your own base. Two people are needed to carry the chest and the winning team is the one that successfully delivers it to their base.

III. Capture the Chest
Capture the flag located in the enemy base and bring it to your own base to win the game.

IV. Conquest
Each team starts the game with a certain number of points. Players take control of bases located on the board. After conquering a certain number of locations on a given map, the opposing team begins to lose points. 

Private Islands

Player can customize their island by adding elements or NFTs. Island can be a beautiful paradise or a frightening place, depending on the player’s creativity. In addition, the player can participate in various forms of entertainment, such as fishing. The creators have given the possibility of inviting other players to their island for adventures or organizing tournaments with prizes.

Island economy

Player has the opportunity to cultivate, extract natural resources, process these materials, trade, and produce goods. These actions can be taken after constructing the appropriate structure and assigning the appropriate number of pirates with tools. 

Strategic world map

In the Strategic World Map mode, players can make strategic decisions regarding their islands, ships, resources, and Pirates.

I. Strategic Map View
The strategic map is divided into squares representing all the islands in the Arrland Archipelago. It also shows the location of all player ships along with their crew, cargo, and destination. Groups of ships, called fleets, are also visible on the map. Besides players’ private islands, the map also includes islands that are accessible to all players.

II. Setting targets
This map is used to define strategic targets, issue appropriate commands to crews and ships. The player can also set different tactics. This allows the game to continue even if the player is absent, for example during sleep, school, work, or vacation. However, it is important to remember that due to changing conditions in the archipelago and the cunning of some pirates, a good player must check the situation and adjust accordingly from time to time.

III. Safe and Rough Waters
Safe waters are an area of the archipelago where every ship can feel safe because they know that no one will attack them. All player’s private islands are located in safe waters. Nobody can occupy these islands.

If the player sails into rough waters, they may lose their cargo and take over the cargo of other players. Islands that players can compete for are located in rough waters. The player who controls the island can benefit from it. Islands in this region cannot be designated as main islands. Sometimes, despite the risk, it is worth sailing in rough waters because it significantly shortens the distance between two distant islands.

Arrland NFT

In October 2021, a collection of 10,000 Genesis Pirates was released. In the first pack, 1250 pirates were minted with a special status referred to as “ancient”.

The game also includes other NFTs, such as:

Items: The collection will contain 20,000 items that will unlock additional game features for players.

Islands: The collection will contain 5,000 islands on the Arrland Archipelago. They will vary in size, appearance and materials that can be found on them.

Ships: The collection will contain 1000 ships of 4 types, sailboat, small ship, medium ship, and large ship.

Pirate Women: The collection will contain 5000 Pirate Women, each NFT is unique.

Young Pirates: This is an open collection, NFTs can be minted by individuals who possess both Pirates and Pirate Women from the Genesis collection.

RUM Token

RUM is a deflationary utility token with a limited supply, used to purchase services in the game.

It was designed to power the game’s rewards system. After purchasing services in the game, a deflationary process occurs in the following proportions:

50% of all issued tokens will be burned.

25% goes to the King Pirates Treasury.

5% goes to the staking rewards pool.

20% goes to the creators for maintenance and game development.

The King Pirates Treasury is a pool that will be accumulated monthly for rewards for all Participants, as well as for rewards for the best and most active players for missions completed on the battle arena. It will be released according to the vesting terms contained in the tokenomics over a 5-year period and powered by a portion of tokens that will be issued by players for services in the game.

Auctions for Kanga Exchange users and KNG stakers

We have prepared an auction especially for Kanga Exchange users and KNG stakers, thanks to which you will be able to buy your RUM tokens earlier! The auctions will start on 06/02 at 11:00 AM CET. Each auction has specific conditions, which we have described for you below.

First auction for all Kanga Exchange users, 100 packages with 4350 RUM in the package  at a price of 100.05 USDC per package..

Second auction, for KNG stakers, 100 packages with 4350 RUM in the package at a price of 100 USDC per package.

▪️ current AutoTransfer bonus: at least 0.1%

Third auction, for KNG stakers, 70 packages with 10,000 RUM in the package at a price of 230 USDC per package.

▪️ current AutoTransfer bonus: at least 0.5%

▪️ total rewards from the last 30 days: at least 1 KNG

Fourth auction, for KNG stakers, 25 packages with 20,000 RUM in the package at a price of 460 USDC per package.

▪️ current AutoTransfer bonus: at least 1%

▪️ total rewards from the last 30 days: at least 3 KNG


Token price: 0.023 USDC

Min investment: $50

Max investment: $2500

Vesting: 50% released during TGE, the rest will be released linearly over 3 months.

Listing pair: RUM/USDC

Available cryptocurrencies: USDC, USDT, oPLN

Token type: ERC20

Guaranteed allocation auctions: 02/06

IEO date: 02/07

Listing: 30.06 at the latest

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Author: Piotr szopa