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How to buy your first Bitcoin?

How to buy your first Bitcoin?

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It is difficult to stay indifferent to the rising popularity of Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies in general. So if you are bored with waiting for Bitcoin to pop out of your fridge and you have decided to face the unknown, this article is the first step on the rocky road leading to a wallet full of crypto benefits. 

How to buy your first Bitcoin? 

And does it really have to be a whole Bitcoin? It so happens that it does not and that is good news. Otherwise buying cryptocurrency would be out of reach for the average Joe. Mind you that even today, when Bitcoin is suffering drops in value, it is still worth much above PLN 100,000. Luckily, we have already established that for starters you can buy only a part of a Bitcoin, which can be separated into (what seems a mere trifle) a hundred million units! One Bitcoin unit is called satoshi, named after the founder Stasoshi Nakamoto. It means no more, no less that you can start your adventure with Bitcoin from a “penny”.  

Now that you know buying cryptocurrencies does not have to ruin your wallet, the question remains: where can I buy it and how? 

An easy way to buy a Bitcoin 

There are at least a few ways to buy a Bitcoin (on the exchange, in a stationary exchange office for cash, in an online exchange platform or by mining). Today, however, we will discuss the most popular – buying Bitcoin on a trading exchange. 

Buying a Bitcoin on a Kanga Exchange 

The term cryptocurrency exchange apparently sounds like something with a high level of complexity, but trust me, it is not. You can set up your Kanga account just by providing an email and you are actually not very far from becoming an entitled trader ;). To buy a Bitcoin you need to have some funds with which you will pay for it and at Kanga it is very simple – the funds can either be other cryptocurrencies or fiat money (e.g. zloties).

Remember that when trading fiat money the AML Act obliges us to ask about your personal details as part of the KYC procedure. It is, however, worth noticing that you can deposit zloties to your Kanga account not only through a bank transfer, but also… by buying it in a stationary exchange office. How can that be? It is very simple. In the stationary exchange office (using cash!) you buy omegaPLN, that is our stablecoin, which is calculated on a 1:1 basis to PLN. You can read more on transactions in an exchange office on