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How to buy and sell crypto - Kanga Local and Kanga Exchange

How to buy and sell crypto - Kanga Local and Kanga Exchange

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The process of making transactions in exchange points (both stationary and mobile) and with Kanga Local users is very similar*. If your first transaction is still ahead of you, don’t worry – the exchange point employee or the Kanga Local member you will trade with will explain what
to do. By reading this post however, you have the opportunity to prepare for such a transaction in advance. See for yourself how fast and uncomplicated it is. 

Transaction – step by step:

  • Whether you want to buy or sell cryptocurrency for cash, having an account on Kanga Exchange will come in handy. If you also have the Kanga Wallet mobile app, the process will be additionally simplified and sped up.
  • When starting a conversation with an exchange operator or a Kanga Local user, let them know whether you plan to buy or sell a given cryptocurrency, and they will provide you with information about the current exchange rate and the commission.

(In case of exchange there is a 1% network fee and a commission of the person making the transaction.)

  • After determining the details of the exchange, you will be asked to enter the code that initiates the transaction. You can generate this code on your Kanga account or in the Kanga Wallet app (in both cases you will find this function in the OTC tab).

Log in to Kanga Exchange

  • When the employee receives your code, he or she will ask you to agree on the terms of the transaction, which will be the last step to finalize it! 🙂

There is also another option to make a transaction, assuming that you do not want to register on our exchange – namely with a voucher. After generating that, you can send the funds to your “temporary wallet”. When creating a voucher, the system simultaneously assigns it a unique identifier and a PIN. It is extremely important that you remember these, because without them you will not be able to exchange the voucher for cash. To make a transaction, give your voucher ID and PIN to the exchange employee and he or she will exchange it for cash.

Generate a voucher

Now that you know the drill, feel free to visit an exchange point or make an appointment with Kanga Local ⬇

Choose the best option

So: lights, camera, transaction! 😉

*In accordance with the regulations in stationary exchange points:
 – transactions up to 1000 euro can be made in our exchange points without identity verification (KYC)
 – transactions from 15 thousand euro are connected with the requirement to report the transaction to the GIFI