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How does Kanga take care of your safety?

How does Kanga take care of your safety?

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There is a human being in this world, who once born was completely helpless and at the mercy of others. It was you in the first months of your life. A newborn child, surprised by a sudden change in their environment, can feel that they have just lost something. Something they wish
to retrieve throughout their whole lives, quite often sacrificing a lot and going beyond their own limits. What we are talking about here is
the instinctive—and important to all of us—sense of security.  

Providing comfort, mental peace, and security to people are the foundations of the global economy. That is why companies that put emphasis on their user safety are so highly valued in the market. That is the exact reason why Kanga is continually introducing new mechanisms
and procedures that allow our clients to sleep soundly. 

Let us start with the KYC (Know Your Customer) procedure, which currently applies to all fiat currency-based transactions. In the simplest terms, it is a verification of the client’s identity. Such actions allow us to separate the suspicious individuals or those who are using false identities at the very outset. We treat making use of anonymity or pretending to be someone else in order to commit a crime as highly immoral, and will do everything to curb such behavior. You will carry the verification of your identity with us within no more than 48 hours,
and you will only need two documents that confirm your identity and address of residence. 

Unfortunately, fraudsters trying to steal your identity are far from being idle. It might happen that someone will take over the access to your email box and will also want to take control of your account on our platform. Contact us as soon as possible to allow us to block your account. This will radically increase the chances that you will not lose your funds. We will also help you regain access to your account and change
the email address connected to it during a video call verification. That is why it is so important to carry out the KYC procedure beforehand. Without having first confirmed your identity, we are unfortunately unable to do that. On my end, I can add that when there is even the slightest doubt related to the security of our account, it should not be neglected.  Checking if there was no spying application installed on our device and changing the passwords to the most important accounts immediately should become a habitual action for us. Each instance of two-step verification, the so-called 2FA, is also a great difficulty for the fraudster. We think this is one of the best ways to significantly hinder unauthorized people from accessing our accounts. That is why we enable you to log in this secure way at Kanga. And remember, in the event, there is an actual attempt at breaking into your account or if fraud took place as a result of that, it is worth reporting the event to the police. 

It is, however, not always the case that you are aware of the fraudulent actions. At times, you may even not know that there is something worrying happening with your profile.  That is why if you ever notice, to your surprise, that your Kanga account has been blocked, just relax. By temporarily blocking your account, we are punishing the fraudsters, not you. Imagine what would happen if someone really wanted
to withdraw all the funds from your account, and we would allow them to do so. For this very reason, we now block the account for 48 hours every time your password is changed and right after registration, whereas logging in from a new device must be verified by clicking
the activation link. You can sleep soundly, while we are taking care of your safety.

Let us now move to the declaration of the legitimate origin of your funds. According to the Anti-Money Laundering and Counter-Terrorism Financing Act (in short, the AML Act), we are obligated to verify whether the funds which you deposit come from legitimate sources. Just like you, we do not want any money that is used to support corruptive activities and terrorism to circulate in our system, which indirectly influences the quality of our daily lives. We really do not want to gain insight into your privacy, yet we have to meet the statutory requirement. That is why we have prepared a number of solutions and acceptable documents to make you feel comfortable when you file the declaration. And do keep your cool, the declaration will only be necessary when you exceed the amount of €15,000 in the form of fiat currency deposits to our account. 

The final of our safety mechanisms is the PEP declaration connected with occupying a politically exposed position. What does this entail?
We simply ask a question, nothing more. Politics is a complex issue, it is especially exposed to the temptation of corruption.
And we wish it to be filled with integrity and transparency from the bottom up. We want no corruption, that is why we battle it. However, you,
as our Dear Client, can stay calm. It is the dishonest ones who should fear. 

We have prepared all these solutions with a view to this part of each one of us, which is constantly seeking balance in life and some inner peace. Similarly to the cryptocurrency market, the way fraudsters act is subject to different trends. We also keep monitoring this darker side
of our market to warn you against the latest extortion techniques and looming threats. It is enough to follow our social media to stay up to date and not to be caught by surprise. We are an exchange that delivers many solutions from the cryptocurrency field, so mysterious to many,
and that simultaneously ensures the feeling of security, and that is important. Join us today!

Marcin Krusiński — Settlement Specialist for Kanga Exchange