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Hodl KNG and bid before IEO

Hodl KNG and bid before IEO

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Surely you’ve heard about our new form of compensation for hodlers and KNG token owners. Why is it worth buying them?

Because having a certain number of tokens, you have priority to take part in the auctions before each IEO! This means that if you win the package you bid on, you no longer have to worry about missing out on the purchase opportunity. Let’s face it – we all know that #KangaEffect exists and that IEO ends in a flash. By staking KNG on PoS, you increase your chances of purchasing tokens of valuable projects.

How does Kanga Exchange reward the KNG token hodlers? What is the reason for the priority of purchase over the official IEO? Let’s take a look at it together, step by step.

There is an auction before each IEO. The start takes place no later than 24 hours before. The end always occurs one hour before the IEO.

What conditions must be met in order to be eligible for an auction? Instructions below.

Users who have KNG on Kanga’s wallet or KNG hodlers (POS users) or who meet both of these conditions at the same time will be able to bid for packages before IEO. The KNG hodlers package will be marked with a special POS sticker, as shown on the image below.

In order to be able to take part in the auction, one of the following conditions must be met (depending on each IEO):

  1. have a PoS KNG autobonus at the required level (e.g. minimum 3%),
  2. have the total number of PoS autobonus rewards at the required level (e.g. 0.5 KNG) – from the last 30 days.
  3. have an amount of not less than 0.01 KNG on the KNG’s wallet
  4. have an appropriate amount on your wallet, e.g. USDT – the main value for which you can buy tokens during IOE – so that their size coincides with the prices of the packages you want to bid.

The conditions to be met are in the upper right corner of each package. To read them, move the cursor over the “I” symbol. If the user does not meet any of the conditions, he will be automatically informed about it while trying to click the “bid” button.

You can bid on all packages, but ultimately win one – the highest. After losing the auction, the funds are automatically returned to the user’s account.

Winning bidding does not take away the right to participate in the official IEO round. The user can still buy tokens, but in the amount that is the difference between the auctioned packages and the maximum purchase. For example, if a total of 3,000 tokens can be purchased during IEO, and 2,000 were auctioned, then after the IEO starts, we acquire the right to purchase an additional 1,000.

Simple isn’t it? Hodl KNG and enjoy the right to purchase priority over IEO!