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G4G on Kanga Exchange

G4G on Kanga Exchange

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G4G is a project that came out from under the wings of the owners of Innovation and Implementation Unit Inwex from Kielce. The company has been dealing with biotechnology, chemical technology and investing in startups for 35 years.

G4G token in the first stage guarantees access to training and knowledge in the field of medicine and biotechnology. This stage, according to the roadmap, should be followed by the creation of an alternative investment fund that will invest in startups. G4G investors will then be able to purchase, at par, units of the fund at a 25% discount. This ensures that the investor minimizes the risk of capital loss. More information in the Whitepaper of the project.

More info:

  • Hardcap – $500,000
  • Price per token – 0.12 USDT
  • Min Investment – $120 / 1000 G4G
  • Available crypto: ETH/BTC/USDT/oPLN/oEUR/oUSD
  • Listing on November 15 14:00 UTC
  • Listing pair $G4G/USDT
  • Withdrawals available from November 25
  • Mainnet: ERC20
  • Orders can be placed no more than once every 10 seconds (if there was an error with the purchase, you can repeat the order immediately – the system will inform you about it with an appropriate message).

More about the project: