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Dust Sweep

Dust Sweep

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Dust Sweep is a functionality on Kanga Exchange that allows for exchanging the small rests in your wallet into KNG tokens.

The name DUST SWEEP was created by combining two words which mean:
-dust – in the crypto nomenclature we refer to this as to low address balances that are below the fee cost; it is related to the fact that the so-called ‘dust’ cannot be transferred from one address to another;
-sweep – which in the crypto nomenclature is associated with clearing the sets of addresses and transferring all of them to one output address without importing the private key.

Dust Sweet operating principles

  • exchange via Dust Sweep is possible for such values as: ETH, BTC, oPLN, USDT, LINK, oAED, oUSD, oEUR, USDC, MATIC, ETC;
  • the minimum value of the Dust Sweep exchange cannot be lower than the equivalent of 0.00000001 KNG;
  • the maximum value of the exchange cannot be higher than the equivalent of 0.5 KNG;
  • Dust Sweep exchange is carried out at the pair’s mid-market rate at the time of the exchange.

Dust Sweep exchange step by step

  • after you log in to the Kanga Exchange account, go to the WALLET tab
  • information will appear in the BALANCES sub-tab allowing you to check if you can use the Dust Sweep exchange option; after clicking it, the system will redirect you to the Dust Sweep functionality:
  • click on the EXCHANGE tile to perform a Dust Sweep:
  • after accepting the terms of the exchange – the KNG token will automatically appear in your wallet’s balance, and you will be able to find the information about the exchange in the tab TRANSFERS in your account’s wallet: