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COMING SOON: unique stablecoin UAHg on Kanga

COMING SOON: unique stablecoin UAHg on Kanga

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Hey guys! We have good news. Meet the new member of the Kanga family – UAHg, a hryvnia-denominated stablecoin. This is the first token, created by the Ukrainian team, the price of which is tied to the hryvnia in a ratio of 1:1.

What about the purpose?

The authors and developers of UAHg have united with one common goal – to solve the problem of low involvement of virtual assets in the everyday life of the average Ukrainian, as well as to spread Ukrainian crypto products all over Europe. With this goal, UAHg was created – a convenient and transparent means of transfer, provided by a reliable infrastructure.

What about the features?

Token emission is already taking place on popular public networks Ethereum, TRON, and BNB Chain (currently, active work is underway to expand this list). Thanks to the ERC/BEP20 format, the stablecoin is freely integrated into various products (wallets, exchanges, and DeFi).

What about legacy?

UAHg is issued legally, and exchange operations will be carried out with the help of reliable partners that have all the necessary licenses, or the status of Virtual currency exchange provider (“VASP”). Emittance Corporation (issuing company) ensures the emission of tokens in the amount necessary for the functioning of partners at any time.

What about safety?

UAHg reserve balances will be audited and reported quarterly. The number of released assets will be displayed on the website. However, today you can easily check the hryvnia reserve fund. To do this, go to the “Reserve Fund” section on the official UAHg website and find the address of the contract. Copy the ETH address, go to https://etherscan.io/ and paste it. After that, information about the token, namely, the reserve, will be available to the user.

What about the advantages?

UAHg is a unique Ukrainian stablecoin that can be easily and safely stored, sent and received through our cryptocurrency exchange without additional requirements or restrictions. And most importantly, transactions are carried out without any commissions, except onchain commissions.

We can talk a lot more about the advantages and features of the new token, but it is always better to try it once than to read it 10 times. So, don’t wait – just try to exchange or buy a novelty of the Ukrainian crypto market! Very soon you will have such an opportunity on Kanga.