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We are expanding our Polygon listings – welcome AutoFarm!

We are expanding our Polygon listings – welcome AutoFarm!

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We have devoted ourselves to find the best gems for you. We focus on lesser knows, low cap project with a working product and a huge potential. We are pleased to announce this week’s listing – which is the AutoFarm network.
This is a yield optimisation project which works similarly to YearnFinance. AutoFarm currently works on Polygon, BSC and HECO. Imagine optimising your yield on multiple chains to maximize your return. Vaults on AutoFarm currently offer up to 7000% APY! Think YearnFinance… but multichain!

AUTO is the governance token for AutoFarm DAO. AUTO can be used for proposal voting and will receive fees earned from the protocol.
AUTO started with no pre-mine nor pre-sale. Total supply is only 49,896 AUTO.
Vault fees are used to perform market buy-backs of AUTO and are burnt forever. Over 1,2 mln USD in fees burned and over 780 mln USD in vaults already.

Listing details:
Market goes live on Wednesday (7th of July) at 12:00 CET
Deposits are open from today!
We are listing a Polygon based AUTO token and it will be listed under pAUTO ticker in the Polygon section. This way we want to provide our user with the fast and cheap access to one of the best DeFi in the space.

Go to https://autofarm.network/polygon/ to check it out.

Pro-tip: Don’t miss out on the arbitrage opportunities between Kanga and SWAPs!