80. JumpNet – Ethereum’s new sidechain

In the world of blockchain technology, dynamic innovation is a key element for the development of the entire ecosystem, and one of the newest and most promising technologies is JumpNet.

JumpNet is a sidechain that represents a significant improvement to the Ethereum ecosystem.

In today’s lesson, we’ll have a closer look at what JumpNet is, what it uses, and why it’s attracting the attention of the cryptocurrency community.

What is JumpNet?

As we have already mentioned, this is a sidechain developed by the company Enjin. It is best known for introducing innovative solutions in the world of cryptocurrencies, especially in connection with games based on blockchain technology. A separate lesson is dedicated to the company itself and its products, so we will not go into this topic in detail.

Sidechains are autonomous chains of blocks that operate independently and are connected to the main chain. In the case of JumpNet, this is the Ethereum chain.

JumpNet was developed to transfer tokens quickly and efficiently while avoiding high transaction costs. The chain is based on the Proof-of-Authority (PoA) consensus method, which makes these fast and virtually gas-free transactions possible. It is essentially a private version of the Ethereum blockchain and is based entirely on the $JENJ token. In contrast, JEJN is a private version of Enjin Coin (ENJ) that runs on the JumpNet network. What are the advantages of JumpNet?

  • It will enable the transfer of Enjin Coin from Ethereum to JumpNet.
  • It will make it possible to send and receive Enjin Coin and ERC-1155 tokens for free.
  • Mint of ERC-1155 tokens will also be free, as will trading of these tokens.
  • Distribution of Enjin Coin and ERC-1155 tokens via QR codes will also be entirely free.

Advantages of JumpNet sidechain

The main advantage of JumpNet is that it significantly speeds up transaction processing times, especially compared to Ethereum itself. On JumpNet, transactions take place almost instantly, a result of PoA consensus, which eliminates the need to wait for confirmation on the main network. This makes JumpNet an attractive solution for projects that require immediate transfer of assets, without the burden of the main chain.

Security and main application of JumpNet

JumpNet has found widespread use in various areas, especially in the gaming and entertainment industry. The Enjin project, which is one of the pioneers in integrating cryptocurrencies with games, uses JumpNet to provide liquidity for transactions in its ecosystem. This allows players to seamlessly trade, transfer and receive unique tokens, all without delays or high fees.

In addition JumpNet is also an ideal solution for Non-Fungible Token (NFT) developers,who want to avoid the problems associated with high transaction costs on Ethereum. Moving activity from the main network to JumpNet permits more economical and efficient use of blockchaintechnology.

All right, but what about security? Although JumpNet operates independently, security remains a key aspect. sidechain’s security mechanisms are aligned with Ethereum standards, meaning that projects using JumpNet can enjoy speed while keeping their operations highly secure.

In addition, JumpNet offers users an easy connection to Ethereum, which enables seamless migration of assets between sidechain and mainchain. This flexible approach gives users the ability to use JumpNet according to their needs, while maintaining access to the full functionality of Ethereum.


JumpNet is an innovative sidechain that offers significant convenience to users of blockchain technology, especially in the context of Ethereum.

Speed, efficiency and widespread adoption make JumpNet a major player in the sidechain market. As blockchain technology evolves, it is expected that this type of solution will become even more common and open up new opportunities for the cryptocurrency community and blockchain-based projects.

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