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Dowiedz się, ile mogłeś zarobićinwestując w Bitcoina 10 lat temu.

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Basic level

You are a Freshman,
you’ve heard something about cryptocurrencies,
but you have never taken an interest in the subject. Your knowledge is close to zero so you would like to start from the basics and build a solid foundation.

Intermediate level

You know something about cryptocurrencies,
You are interested in the topic and follow
the most interesting information about the market.
You have made your first investments and want to deepen your knowledge and develop further.

Advanced level

You’ve been in the crypto world for a while.
Your investments are not a throw of the dice
and fortune-telling. You have concepts such as POS, POW, ATH in your little finger.
You want to expand your knowledge with new issues.

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Halving Bitcoin

just around the corner!

The next halving of Bitcoin is predicted to occur in April 2024. It is difficult to pinpoint a specific date as it depends on the height of the block.

Therefore, if we consider that each subsequent halving occurs every 210,000 blocks, we can forecast the date of the next one to April 2024, when the block height will reach 840,000.

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The Black Swan, also known as the Black Swan Theory, is an unpredictable and rare phenomenon in the market that has a major impact and…

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