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Kanga Exchange i Tenset partnerami strategicznymi

Kanga Exchange i Tenset partnerami strategicznymi

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We are proud to announce that Tenset has officially become a strategic investor for Kanga Exchange! Following on from the reveal this week that we are joining the Tenset Gem Launch Platform, we are delighted to be forming this exciting partnership with Tenset.

Tenset is demonstrating its commitment to helping Kanga develop by purchasing 2.1 million KNG tokens! Our PoS system has placed these tokens to earn passive income for their ETF 2.0 portfolio and company buybacks. Therefore, these tokens are now out of the circulating supply and cannot be sold, which is a significant positive for KNG holders! This massive investment by Tenset clearly shows their enormous belief in the Kanga project and their desire to bring us to a greater level.

The Tenset team brings a wealth of knowledge from both the business and crypto world, along with access to valuable contacts to develop our operations. We are planning to expand the business internationally, and Tenset expertise will be crucial in helping us achieve this. Tenset already has a strong presence in Europe and Asia which will facilitate our expansions there.

With Tenset’s guidance, we are confident that we can enter and conquer new markets in Europe, Asia, and the rest of the world. Featuring as a gem within the Tenset ecosystem is a tremendous honor as they only accept projects of the highest quality and potential. This privilege will grow our brand tremendously and increase awareness of Kanga across the world. We can make a significant impact and attract a global user base to our platform.

This is a partnership that will truly accelerate our goal of mass adoption for cryptocurrency. Exciting times lie ahead for Kanga and our users as we begin our journey with Tenset to become a true powerhouse in the cryptocurrency exchange market.