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At Kanga University, we have prepared for you 180 lessons divided into 3 courses that will take you on a fascinating journey through the world of cryptocurrencies.

If you are considering investing in the stock market and would like to better understand how the market works, instead of relying on your gut feeling – the technical analysis course is for you! Hop in our rocket and let’s fly!

Level Quiz

Everyone has their own path to knowledge – some already know what they’re looking for, while others are just discovering it. But you know what? No matter which group you are in, our Level Quiz is a great solution!

If you have doubts about your level of knowledge, you’ve come to the right place! It’s like a polar star that will show you the way to the course you should start with….

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Beginner level

Everyone once had to start somehow and there is nothing wrong with that!

Intermediate-Advanced Level

You already have some basics, but still feel a little lost in this sea of information.
Rest assured, this level is just for you! Here we skip the basics and focus on more advanced topics, such as layers, cryptocurrency construction and NFT issues. This will expand your knowledge and prepare you for the advanced level challenge.

Advanced Level

Do you feel that there are no more challenges for you? Your knowledge has already exceeded the average level, but you still have an appetite for more?
The advanced course is just for you! After completing it, you may not become a professor of cryptocurrency science, but you will be ready to discuss with the leading experts of the cryptocurrency world. You will stand on a par with the best and be able to have informed conversations about technology and how the cryptocurrency market works. Sound good?

Technical analysis

Do you actively participate in the stock market, but struggle to interpret the charts? Do your investment decisions seem to be more a matter of luck than knowledge? No more!

In our course you will learn solid fundamentals and much more! Instead of seeing only lines on the charts, you will start to see patterns and understand that investing in the stock market does not have to be a blind game, but based on informed analysis and understanding of human behavior.
Isn’t it great when you win? Gain the ability to interpret charts and join our course now!