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Our mug with a graphic of a hand holding a KNG token is not just an ordinary mug, it is an expression of your fascination with the world of digital currencies.

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Why is it worth having one?

Material of manufacture

Our mug has been carefully manufactured from the highest quality ceramics, which guarantees its durability and elegance. It’s not just an ordinary mug, it’s a unique addition to your daily ritual.


The mug features a graphic of a hand holding a KNG token, expressing your connection to this digital currency. It’s a mug that attracts attention and inspires you to use blockchain technology.


Our mug holds exactly 250 ml, making it the perfect choice for your morning coffee, tea or favorite beverage. Each sip reminds you of the benefits of farming KNG. 

Start each day with confidence in your financial future. Order now and add our mug to your collection of cryptocurrency gadgets. In our crypto store you will find many other cryptocurrency-related products that will help you express your passion and beliefs.