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24. Ethereum Foundation and the Scroll protocol – what is it?

Scroll protocol is the solution of layer two (L2) Ethereum, which it uses in its operation ZK Rollups. As a result, it provides a secure and scalable execution layer that effectively maximizes compatibility with Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM). We will present what exactly Scroll is and how it works in the following article.

Scroll Protocol – what is it?

Scroll, is a zero-knowledge rollup protocol based on Ethereum Virtual Machine in layer 2. Its task is to scale the execution layer Ethereum Layer 2. What does it mean?

Scroll will build a zk-Rollup fully compatible with EVM. Its purpose will be to support direct block verification, Ethereum, by one concise proof. As the team emphasizes, its idea is to verify the consistency and integrity of everyone opcode

Thanks to this, smart contracts from the first layer (L1) can smoothly and without unnecessary modifications migrate to Scroll. The protocol will support native EVM, using custom optimizations for this. This way of looking at the problem brings many benefits, including one of the most important – compatibility with the already existing ecosystem Ethereum

The project is to help create a user-friendly platform for users who are just entering the cryptocurrency market. Interestingly, Scroll raised as much as USD 30 million from community members for its development Ethereum, researchers, developers, and investment firms.

Operation and highlights

The project is called a novelty Ethereum Layer 2. It was announced and entered the cryptocurrency scene with a bang on April 22, 2022. Created together with Ethereum Foundation, and alone Vitalik Buterin even tried to review it.

As we mentioned earlier, Scroll belongs to solution’s second layer of Ethereum, whose source code will be deployed to the main web without any modification. Okay, but what about that? Scroll provides its users with faster and definitely cheaper transactions, while maintaining the same level of security it provides Ethereum

The Applied ZKP team of the Ethereum Foundation helps in the implementation of the code and in this groundbreaking research. In their statement, the Scroll team wrote that their zkEVM, compared to others, achieves compliance at the Ethereum bytecode level. Thanks to this, all EVM opcodes behave identically as in the base layer. Complicated? We already translate ☺

Zk-Rollups are paramount technology for scaling Ethereum. Typically, they are application-specific, which makes it difficult for developers to build decentralized applications with them.

zkEVM company Scroll it’s the opposite. In its operation, it uses zero-knowledge proofs that are verifiable on EVM. What’s more, they enable migration and integration of applications already existing in the ecosystem Ethereum. This allows the Ethereum block to be verified by a single proof using zkEVM. The team also began work on creating a zero-knowledge evidence market using a decentralized network.

Currently, team Scroll is working on releasing a testnet for his solution. Interestingly, in the near future, the protocol will be upgraded to a multilayer, null system. The first layer will be efficient for the prover, the second for the verifier. This is the door to a whole new definition of privacy.

Scroll has one mission. It wants to become the most developer- and user-friendly Ethereum scaling solution.

Ethereum Foundation

Ethereum Foundation (EF), is nothing more than a non-profit, supporting organization Ethereum and all related technologies. Including protocol Scroll.

The Foundation sets itself up as an organization that does not control or direct the Ethereum network. As they emphasize – they are part of a bigger ecosystem. We are talking about providing support, both financial and non-financial, to projects and entities operating within the Ethereum community. The activities are to ensure the growth of the entire ecosystem centred around this protocol.

Since 2014, Ethereum Foundation has organized Devcon. It is an annual conference for all developers, thinkers, and creators who can accelerate the development of the ecosystem by their actions.

Scroll protocol – advantages

The solution standardizes outsourcing layer two evidence. Project team, with help from the Ethereum Foundation, clearly emphasizes that it has developed a solid outsource mechanism that will encourage rollers to generate FPC. The developed scheme, which is still being researched, is to open up a wider spectrum of possibilities – beyond the main chain – and open up a new market for evidence.

The second advantage, especially for developers, is the fact that they can implement complex contracts in Scroll without worrying about gas fees. Many applications that use this solution can work off-chain


Layer 2 solutions are the majority of solutions used by Ethereum.