• 80 Lessons

    1. Beginner Course

    Everyone starts sometimes! You are in the right place with a comprehensive guide to the world of cryptocurrencies, Blockchain technology, NFT personal finance, trading and investing in front of you. We discuss all the essentials you need to get started and explore the world of modern finance.
  • 80 Lessons

    2. Intermediate Course

    Whether you are just starting out or are already an experienced cryptocurrency enthusiast, you will find something interesting for yourself here. What do we include in our programme? We discuss interesting topics like: Metaverse, GameFi, cryptocurrencies and blockchain projects in detail. On top of this, you will find plenty of chart analyses and indicators to use in your daily trading and learning about the world of cryptocurrencies.
  • 80 Lessons

    3. Advanced Course

    Hats off to you! To get all the way here, you have come a long way. Satoshi would be proud of you! So are we! But this is not a good time to settle on your laurels. You are already ahead of you in the final touches of the knowledge you have acquired with us. The secret science lies ahead of you - we discuss advanced terminology and topics for which you need a solid foundation. Thirsty for trivia, advanced algorithms, and in-depth analysis? Pen in hand and let's get started!