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“Cryptocurrencies. Why one bitcoin wert going to be a million dollars” by recognized experts in the field of digital assets, Michal Grzybkowski and Szczepan Bentyn. This is an extremely valuable publication, and each copy is personally signed by the authors, which makes it unique. The book is written in Polish.

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What makes this book special? First, it’s a source of reliable knowledge. Second, it’s where you’ll discover how Bitcoin, Ethereum and other cryptocurrencies are changing the face of finance and how you can profit from this revolution.

This book offers 348 pages full of knowledge, while maintaining high quality thanks to 90 g paper. The printing company, Zakład Poligraficzny Moś & Łukasz Sp.j., has ensured that each page is perfectly crafted to make the content readable and durable. In addition, the book has a hard cover, which further protects it from damage and gives it an elegant look.

The main sponsor of this edition is Kanga Exchange – a company that stands for professionalism and commitment to the world of cryptocurrencies. 

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