PoS on Kanga Exchange

Do you know about our PoS service?

Proof of Stake on Kanga Exchange is one of the methods of obtaining passive income by staking KNG tokens, oPLN or USDT, among others (the complete list can be found in the PoS tab – “ALL”). In return for storing cryptocurrencies on an individual PoS account, the user receives a daily reward.

Why is PoS more profitable than, for example, a traditional bank deposit? How does it work?

The PoS mechanism is based on the equal distribution of the daily exchange revenues between all hodlers. Income comes from all transaction fees charged on the platform. The prize is granted in proportion to the deposit in the portfolio. While the bank’s interest rate is constant, predetermined and (let’s face it) quite small, our daily PoS rewards, depending on the income generated by Kanga, can be surprisingly high!

On the PoS Liquidity account, we can keep oPLN (Kanga’s stablecoin) and USDT. The collected funds are used to support the liquidity of key services for Kanga Exchange and to support the liquidity of decentralized exchanges on which our token is or will be listed.

Reward amount varies depending on a number of factors, key among them being the total of all PoS deposits and the earnings from the deposited funds over the previous 24 hour period.

You can also keep KNG tokens on PoS. Their staking is attractive due to the increasing daily interest rates. After turning on the autotransfer function, the user starts with a guaranteed interest rate of 0.3%, which changes everyday to higher and higher!

How to deposit funds to PoS?

  1. Log in to your Kanga Exchange account and navigate to the PoS tab.
  2. In the Transfer box, select Deposit to PoS from the drop-down list.
  3. Enter the token amount you wish to deposit in the field below.
    Click the MAX button to deposit the entire available balance of the chosen token.
  4. Click Transfer.
  5. A pop-up window will open, showing a summary of the operation and the time after which the tokens will be unlocked. Make sure the amount displayed is correct, then confirm the deposit by clicking the Transfer button.
  6. The transferred amount will be immediately deducted from your wallet balance. Until it’s unlocked it will be visible in your PoS account under “Incoming”.

Details on the functioning of the PoS mechanism can be found in our guide.

Ready for extra earnings? Transfer your funds to PoS today and enjoy passive income!