KNF approved

Trust first and foremost! In the world of crypto, trust is most important!

During the preparations for the launch of our exchange offices, we asked the Polish Financial Supervision Authority to take a position on this matter. As we do not have a banking license, we could not keep your FIATs on the exchange. And this is how the idea of ​​using stablecoins (especially omega PLN) was born. They are equivalent to 1: 1 fiat currencies, and at the same time they are cryptocurrencies. Simple isn’t it? It is now, but the road was quite long. However, thanks to the invaluable help of the Polish Financial Supervision Authority, we managed to make it happen. On January 20, 2020, we received an opinion that officially confirms that our stablecoins and the activity itself are legal.

We are the only exchange in the world that uses oPLN! And we have a confirmation from the most important financial institution in the country 🙂